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chocolate chip cookies

Where can you buy the best chocolate chip cookies in Boston/Cambridge? Homemade is not a choice, because of my broken oven.

It seems like a simple dessert to bake, but I've had plenty of dry, tasteless cookies, or ones that were cloyingly sweet.

A great article in today's New York Times says that the better bakeries rest the dough for 36 hours after mixing it, to allow the viscous eggs to fully soak into the flour. http://www.nytimes.com/2008/07/09/din... Are there any Boston bakeries or restaurants that take that trouble?

If you could eat just one chocolate chip cookie -- must be from an area bakery or store -- before you died, which one would it be?

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  1. Rosie's Bakery. Crispy on the edges, gooey in the center.

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      I'll second Rosie's, it's the best I've had in the area!

    2. quebrada in wellesley has really good chocolate chip cookies when they're fresh.

      1. Believe it or not, I love The Chipyard cookies in Fanueil Hall. Or is it Quincy Market? They have a little stand in one of the side corridors off of the food court. They are small little cookies, made from a traditional recipe. Always really good, i think.

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          I think the Chipyard cookies are really good, too! The traditional chocolate chip, and the chocolate chocolate chip. And the size is cute. I had a great milk chocolate macadamia nut cookie at Flour last week that was delicious.

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            I couldn't remember the name of the place and bingo, you said it. The Chipyard. Their cookies are absolutely excellent. They are always warm, fresh and chewy.

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            I love them too. A bit of a rip off since they know the lovely wafts of fresh baked cookies will pull in the tourists, but they are oh so good when you give in to the temptation.

          3. I love Flour's chocolate chip cookies. They are very thin, slightly crispy on the outside, but soft and oozing with melted chocolate chunks on the inside. I also had a chocolate chip and pecan cookie there (might have also had coconut) recently that was deleicious.

            1. Dancing Deer is fab. I think you could get them at Whole Foods.

              1. The Paradise Cafe in the Prudential Center food court makes awesome cookies. The chocolate cookie with white chocolate chips is awesome.

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                  I second Paradise. They have the most amazing cookies... and I always eat way too many "samples" while in line.

                2. Every one of the many cookies at Lakota Bakery in Arlington Heights, including chocolate chip, are fresh and amazing.

                  1. Tori at Volle Nolle in the north end makes the most amazing salty chocolate chip cookies!

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                      I agree! Tori's chocolate chip cookies are the perfect mix of sweet and salty.

                    2. Rosies are very good. Also Mrs. Fields in many malls, are good as well.
                      The place i really miss is the one that used to be in the Lechmere mall in Framingham, forget the name. Anyone else remember that one?? They were small thin and excellent cookies...

                      1. Arpeggio Cafe in Southie makes delicious, moist chocolate chunk cookies.

                        1. Oh, I am so glad you asked this! I loooooooooove chocolate chip cookies, and have tried as many in the Boston area as I can. There are some great suggestions here, but a few heavy hitting chocolate chip cookies are left out.

                          Rosie's is definitely really good, but it's expensive and not very big, so if you want to make a regular habit of it, be sure to dish out. Carberry's in Central Square is great, big and delicious. The best that I've had so far is at True Grounds in Somerville, in Ball Square. Their cookies are splendid, and the cafe is charming and inexpensive, with free internet, too!

                          1. I make the cookies from the NYT article/Splendid Table; I age the dough for 72 hours & they are AMAZING. The dough is worth eating alone, unlike most recipes'. However, it's not a good instant gratification recipe, which is why I would love to find similar ones from a bakery/cafe/grocery. The Volle Nolle ones sound similar, so I'll try them. Can't wait to start "researching."

                            Thanks for asking this all important question, and thanks to everyone who posted suggestions!

                            1. There's a place in Belmont called Kitchen on Common. It has great food but they also have a selection of fresh baked cookies everyday that you can get to go. Everything is homemade. http://www.kitchenoncommon.com

                              1. I almost forgot, there's a wonderful new chocolate store in the South End called Aroa - 1651 Washington Street. Last time I was in they had great chocolate chip cookies - and I definitely recommend the hot chocolate to accompany it - when you taste it you won't care that it's 80 degrees outside.

                                1. Hi-Rise Bakery in Cambridge has great chocolate chip/ chunk cookies. They are about half chocolate, half cookie. More closely resemble chocolate chunk than tollhouse, and delish!

                                  1. Haley House bakery in in Dudley Sq. has very good cookies. And while not the best cookie ever, the huges ones they have at the Coolidge Corner farmer's market are pretty good, about 3 cookies worth. And the ones at Boloco can be surprisingly good. On the other hand, they can be stale but for a $1, often the best in the medical area.

                                    1. Some of the best cookies I have had are actually found in a grocery store: the Johnny's Foodmaster on beacon st in Somerville. They have these "Gourmet Chocolate Chunk" cookies in their bakery section that I think are really yummy. These are NOT the ones in the tubs, but in plastic bags with the foil twist-ties. Its about 3.50 for 8 (I think, maybe more tho) cookies.

                                      1. Definately the Chipyard!

                                        1. I have never in my life had chocolate chip cookies to match those of Rick Katz, former Biba pastry chef and founder/owner of Piico(sp?) next to the BCA on Tremont St.(recipe published in Baking with jJlia Child). If he sells them there ,(Mocha chocolate chip cookies. The minced dried apricots impart no flavor but give great moistness/chewiness.) rush right over. I am sooo picky about cookies and firmly believe they rank among the most difficult foods to find done well.

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                                            I went to Picco this past weekend. To my surprise, they don't serve chocolate chip cookies! The waitress said that the cookies were last available during the fall/winter.

                                            Fortunately, the dinner was very memorable: the meatballs were among the best I've had in Boston, with chopped garlic, onion, and fennel seed. The dark chocolate ice cream makes for an outstanding milk-shake. Most chocolate milk-shakes are made with milk chocolate, which is too mild. Picco's dark chocolate gives the milkshake a deliciously intense chocolate flavor.

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