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Jul 9, 2008 03:13 PM

Dim Sum on Oahu

Any recs for dim sum on Oahu? What about nicer Chinese dinner options? I loved the Golden Dragon, but it's gone now, too. A lot of my favorite Chinese restaurants that I grew up with seem to have closed...

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  1. This has been covered before in a couple of different posts, and this is just a start....

    Dim Sum
    1) Legends in the Chinese Cultural Plaza
    2) Panda Restaurant on Keeamoku across from WalMart
    3) Royal Garden in the Ala Moana Hotel
    4) Legends in Waikiki (branch of the Chinatown Legends)
    5) Happy Days in Kaimuki
    6) Mei Sum in Chinatown

    Chinese Dinners (nicer restaurants)
    1) Hee Hing in Kapahulu (very different from the old place across rainbow drive in)
    2) Little Village Noodle House in Chinatown
    3) Happy Days in Kaimuki
    4) Kirin on Beretania by University

    1. Agree with KaimukiMan about the dim sum at Legend in the Cultural Plaza and also Royal Garden at the Ala Moana Hotel. There is also dim sum at the Mandalay in downtown Honolulu, but I haven't been there in quite some time so don't know how it is currently.

      Little Village Noodle House is a surprisingly nice restaurant for dinner in Chinatown, the parking lot in back is a plus as well. By the way KM, we tried the taro duck at Little Village that I remember you mentioning on a thread some time ago, everyone at our dinner thought it was a very well done dish and enjoyed it.