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NYMag Poll: What'd you have for breakfast?

I loved this as I am endlessly fascinated with what people eat. I was shocked at the sheer volume of some of the breakfasts. I also didn't realize that alcohol and cigarettes were so typical in the AM.


I had a Lemon Zest Luna Bar and a bottle of water.

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  1. I had a sesame bagel with cream cheese (a coworker brought in a dozen bagels from Bruegger's "just because").

    But I had to laugh at Nancy Blum in the 4th row from the bottom: "Organic café au lait, organic banana, a glass of Bud Lite, a multivitamin. "

    That Bud Lite shot the healthiness of her breakfast all to s**t. ;-)

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      That one made me laugh too. Not sure it shot her breakfast to s**t. Beer does have nutritional value. But put an organic cafe au lait, an organic banana and a glass of beer -- any kind of beer! -- all together and it has to taste like s**t! '-)

      For breakfast this morning I had Oroweat Honeynut bread slathered with unsalted butter and layered with micro-thin slices of organic grass fed dry aged roast beef with LOTS of sea salt and freshly ground black pepper. And a cup of hazlenut espresso. Oh, and a half a glass of OJ.

    2. I'm amazed at the variety. There's no such thing as a standard American breakfast any more, if there ever was. Cookbook writers with those suggested weekly menus should take note. Me, I had a King Arthur stickybun and organic Rogers coffee.

      1. i got a kick out of Peter Valmy and his "Low-sugar, low-cholesterol cereal."

        are there any HIGH-cholesterol cereals?

        i had fresh fruit [papaya, strawberries & kiwi], GF granola [made with whole buckwheat groats], and fresh, homemade almond milk.

        1. Yesterday it was a homemade sandwich of egg, cheese and ham on toasted potato bread and coffee.

          Today it was a pineapple cheesecake Tastykake and coffee. Oh yeah and then I added a chococlate covered Entenmmen's donut to it 10 minutes later. LOL!

          Two days ago it was coffee and two slices of still-cold from the frig, unheated congealed delivered pizza, everything on it. (I learned this "recipe" when I was a wee bit of a child and every and now and again I still do it! LMAO)

          I never know what I'm going to have, but today's menu is more the norm than yesterday's was. Coffee is obvioiusly my one consistant element. :)

          1. Kashi Go Lean hot cereal (7G of fiber/serving) with nonfat milk, extra dry oatmeal, cinnamon, 2 packets of splenda, and flaxseeds.

            1. My favorite was the guy who had a croissant, coffee and a double cognac - because one wont' do!


              I am also fascinated by what people eat, I love the posts where everyone tells what they had for breakfast, lunch, dinner, for the week, etc...

              For breakfast this morning, I had half a cup of cottage cheese sprinkled with Splenda and black coffee.

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                What a fun article, thank you. I'm so happy to see that people aren't buying into that healthy thing.

                I have the same thing, a slice of Sunmaid raisin bread, a fair amount of butter, a tbl. of strawberry preserves, coffee and skim milk.

                The day goes downhill from there.

                I love that people incorporate donuts and booze into their breakfast.

              2. looking at the responses in the article, all I can say alot of people have alot of free time in the a.m. to be having some of these meals.

                I wake up at 5:35 a.m., shower, etc, and am in my SUV heading to work by 6:00 a.m., no time for breakfast before the start of my 12 hour day. Also, once I am at work, no time to be setting up a meal at my desk either. Must be nice.

                My typical breakfast = 1 or 2 cans of coke or pepsi before lunch(turkey sandwich & chips from home) at my desk.

                1. "I also didn't realize that alcohol and cigarettes were so typical in the AM."

                  Don't know about the alcohol and cigs, but my former boss's bfast every morning was coffee and cigs (taken at the same time).

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                    1. re: gloriousfood

                      I used iced coffee and smokes, not alive until theyre in my system...

                    2. Massive espresso and cigs, somehow theres no guilt involved...

                      1. By far, my favorite was the women who had "Organic café au lait, organic banana, a glass of Bud Lite, a multivitamin." Bases covered. I had multigrain toast with smashed avocado, olive oil, salt & pepper with an iced coffee. A little tame. Tomorrow I smoke for breakfast.

                        1. Really???
                          Ok true confession time. I had a little left over ground turkey, made a small burrito, with sour cream, cheese, lettuce, tomato and salsa, and the remaining half of last night's Heineken. Hey it was drink it or it was going to go flat, and my dh told me stop wasting drinks. Cheers~ Just doin my part.

                          1. I had to post again as I encountered what I considered to be a rather indulgent breakfast this AM. After finishing my piece of toast, nectarine, and water I headed to my neighbors house to give her some things for the yard sale at her church this weekend. She asked me in and said she'd just sat down to breakfast and offered to make me some. I declined food, but opted for a little conversation and followed her into her kitchen where she had her place set at the counter. She had the pretty typical juice and coffee, but on her plate was the biggest piece of crumb cake I've ever encountered. It was literally about 1/6 of a bundt, but it gets better. On top of the cake were two scoops of vanilla icecream slowly melting into the cake she'd obviously heated up. I asked her what the occasion was and she said simply, "Oh, I just like to have a little something sweet to start my day." Wow.

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                              WOW. I've started the day with both cake and ice cream, but never together!

                            2. Worked out, bottle of water, some watermelon pieces, iced coffee, peanut butter granola bar in the car.

                              Jealous huh?

                              1. Week days: fruit, nonfat plain yogurt & nuts. This is our regular. I hope this doesn't spoil my hunter- fisherman, out-of-doors, Mexican food addict aura!

                                1. With the serious caveat that I'm in the hospital (where I've been for far too long) for a course of treatment that we call a "tune-up." I'm also on an appetite stimulant (a cruel thing to be on such a thing _and_ stuck in the hospital) as I need to gain weight rather badly. The good news is that the appetite stimulant works.

                                  I've had the exact same breakfast every morning for the last not quite 3 weeks now. It's actually very comforting in its consistency. Scrambled "eggs" (I'm not sure what the product itself is, but it must be the equivalent of about 5 eggs), 3 sausage patties (they're small, though), a bowl of rice krispies with 8 oz of whole milk, 2 6oz containers of Dannon Vanilla yogurt, 8 oz of orange juice and two cups of coffee.

                                  Breakfast is hard to mess up in the hospital, so it's a good idea to load up first thing in the morning so that when lunch and dinner are a disappointment, you're still ok.

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                                  1. re: ccbweb

                                    Sounds delish. Nothing more comforting than semi-kiddie cereal =)
                                    I hope you are able to get out of the hospital soon!

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                                      You're totally right, actually! And thanks!

                                  2. Sauteed onions and mushrooms then added a 1/2c cooked brown rice to heat. Removed pan from heat and added several heaping spoonfuls of 2% Fage yogurt. Had fresh raspberries on the side. Coffee with milk.

                                    I have to eat a hearty breakfast. I'd never last on a granola or Luna bar. If I don't have time to cook, I'll assemble a bean burrito, nuke it, add my salsa, and I'm ready to eat.

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                                      Breakfast varies depending on the day - Week days: Strawberry protein shake, multigrain toast with some type of preserve and tea. Or Rice Krispies and tea, or in the winter oatmeal nad tea, or sometimes a turkey sandwich and tea.
                                      Weekends: Even more varied!!! If I had mexican the night before it'll prolly be mexican again, ditto for pizza (homemade) and turkey burgers (also homemade with oatmeal in them). Then if I want eggs sometimes a scamble with lots of veggies or like this morning when I actually have bagels - half a bagel the hole in the middle made bigger, flat side down in a preheated oil/butter in the pan, crack an egg into the hole, sprinkle with chopped green onions, garlic, S&P top with cheese, this morning was gruyere. put lid on til cheese is soft and yolk still runny. Serve with hot sauce, and of course tea :)

                                    2. It's pretty clear that most, if not all of the high-volume breakfast answers came on the weekend - and if these were person-on-the-street interviews in Manhattan, presumably the pollees had eaten brunch that day. That would account for some of the alcohol (though not, IMO, the Bud Lite!).

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                                      1. re: Caitlin McGrath

                                        Oh, so true, that was a weekend breakfast poll.

                                        Weekday: Fibre cereal, one rye toast, poached egg, vitamins.
                                        Weekend: Bagels, bacon, sausages, eggs any way, and some baileys is certain to find it's way into my coffee before 11 am. And no guilt.

                                      2. Love the responses. :o)

                                        Today, I had pita bread stuffed with sliced banana, chunky peanut butter and honey, which I baked in the oven and a handful of dried figs. Also a large coffee with cream.

                                        1. I'm one of those people for whom breakfast is just something to keep me from fainting before lunch -- and on the weekends, sometimes I skip breakfast entirely. Standard workday breakfast: plain yogurt (this week it's homemade organic) with a tablespoon of jam or marmalade, plus a cup of strong tea with a big dollop of half-and-half or a 100 calorie or so snack (piece of fruit, small granola bar) somewhere along the line.

                                          1. I try to have breakfast every morning, but it can't be too heavy, or I'll go right to sleep (especially being 36 weeks along in my pregnancy!), so no eggs, sausage or bacon for me during the week. This morning I had grape-nuts and blueberries, which is my favorite go-to breakfast. If nothing else I make myself eat a Luna bar (preferably the lemon, or the oatmeal raisin) and drink as much water as I can hold,
                                            Now on the weekends, I love to recreate a breakfast I had once in a restaurant - grilled bread spread with goat cheese, topped with softly scrambled eggs and finished with chopped sun-dried tomatoes, basil, and a drizzle of pesto (called the Italian Scramble and soooo good!)

                                            1. Dang - I am humbled by the variety of food and time people put into their breakfasts. I am usually trying to get out the door with a four-year-old, so it is usually pb&j or a turkey sandwich. My perfect to-go breakfast is what I had in London every day when I visited -- a ham & cheese sandwich on a hard roll with a cappuccino.
                                              I can't believe so many people cook for breakfast!

                                              When I visited the Netherlands the family I stayed with ate Nutella on Wasa, or Wasa with butter and sprinkles (or "hundreds and thousands" as the Brits call them.)