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Jul 9, 2008 03:01 PM

NYMag Poll: What'd you have for breakfast?

I loved this as I am endlessly fascinated with what people eat. I was shocked at the sheer volume of some of the breakfasts. I also didn't realize that alcohol and cigarettes were so typical in the AM.

I had a Lemon Zest Luna Bar and a bottle of water.

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  1. I had a sesame bagel with cream cheese (a coworker brought in a dozen bagels from Bruegger's "just because").

    But I had to laugh at Nancy Blum in the 4th row from the bottom: "Organic café au lait, organic banana, a glass of Bud Lite, a multivitamin. "

    That Bud Lite shot the healthiness of her breakfast all to s**t. ;-)

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      That one made me laugh too. Not sure it shot her breakfast to s**t. Beer does have nutritional value. But put an organic cafe au lait, an organic banana and a glass of beer -- any kind of beer! -- all together and it has to taste like s**t! '-)

      For breakfast this morning I had Oroweat Honeynut bread slathered with unsalted butter and layered with micro-thin slices of organic grass fed dry aged roast beef with LOTS of sea salt and freshly ground black pepper. And a cup of hazlenut espresso. Oh, and a half a glass of OJ.

    2. I'm amazed at the variety. There's no such thing as a standard American breakfast any more, if there ever was. Cookbook writers with those suggested weekly menus should take note. Me, I had a King Arthur stickybun and organic Rogers coffee.

      1. i got a kick out of Peter Valmy and his "Low-sugar, low-cholesterol cereal."

        are there any HIGH-cholesterol cereals?

        i had fresh fruit [papaya, strawberries & kiwi], GF granola [made with whole buckwheat groats], and fresh, homemade almond milk.

        1. Yesterday it was a homemade sandwich of egg, cheese and ham on toasted potato bread and coffee.

          Today it was a pineapple cheesecake Tastykake and coffee. Oh yeah and then I added a chococlate covered Entenmmen's donut to it 10 minutes later. LOL!

          Two days ago it was coffee and two slices of still-cold from the frig, unheated congealed delivered pizza, everything on it. (I learned this "recipe" when I was a wee bit of a child and every and now and again I still do it! LMAO)

          I never know what I'm going to have, but today's menu is more the norm than yesterday's was. Coffee is obvioiusly my one consistant element. :)

          1. Kashi Go Lean hot cereal (7G of fiber/serving) with nonfat milk, extra dry oatmeal, cinnamon, 2 packets of splenda, and flaxseeds.