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Jul 9, 2008 02:46 PM

DFW - Sonny's on Inwood

Ok, I have been a defender of Sonny's on Inwood for a chopped on sliced sammy on here a few times, but something has gone woefully wrong. We went there a couple of Saturdays ago for lunch and man was I disapointed. I ordered the chopped beef sammy expecting what I have gotten for 30yrs which is sliced brisket with only a couple of hacks of the clever on a bun. Well, first off, it was your basic, generic chopped beef that was pulverized with sauce added with no texture. And to add insult to injury, they even changed the dang bun. Granted, I haven't been in 9 or so months, but I'm finally done. Sad day, for me.

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  1. I know J.R. , it is sad ....the "corporate Sonny's" seemed to have a hands off approeach to the "Inwood Sonny's" for a long time after Sonny's death......perhaps they have been too hands off . I wish someone with that organization would explain what's going on .

    1. Because I live in the nabe, and against by better judgment, I occasionally go there hoping against hope it will have improved. Their food is just ghastly. Even for Dallas bbq, the sandwich is just mediocre at best.

      1. a co worker dragged me down to sonny's today kicking and screaming..10 years ago it would have been my suggestion but as everyone knows theyve changed their ways since "the man" took over....

        well i can only guess "the man" was off today..

        flashback to the early 90's - the brisket was GREAT!

        needless to say i was shocked