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Jul 9, 2008 02:42 PM

Roadfood - NY to Cape Cod

Hi all - Will be driving up to The Cape this weekend...taking 95 to Providence and 195 to 25 to The Cape. Any recommendations for "must have" food, close to the road would be greatly appreciated.

Will be staying in Brewster on Cape so any local recommendations for the area would be great too.


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  1. Near and around Brewster

    Sesuit Cafe on Sesuit Harbour in E. Dennis for lobster rolls and fish. Daytime is great. Waterviews galore. Sandy beach for kids to frolic. Brewster Fish House (small so get their early) for Billibi and whatever else. They have a nice wine list. Smuggler's in Dennis Village for ice cream. I love Abba a bit further down 6 A in Orleans near Skaket Corner. Beacon Room is lovely as is Captain Linnell.

    1. In New Haven, I would stop and get pizza. A clam pie at Pepe's is my za of choice! Nothing quite like it.
      In Old Saybrook, CT-- Johnny Ad's for fried clams and lobster rolls!

      1. when traveling this route, we often stop at Burgers, Shakes & Fries, just a few minutes off 95 in Greenwhich. I think they just opened about a year ago. They have a website, that will provide the exit number. Found this place on the tristate board--you can check that out.
        We spent many summers in brewster, but I cannot remember restaurant names except for Jt's (casual seafood, fried clams, etc), The Brewster Scoop for icecream, and we always made reservations at The Impudent Oyster in Chatham (just off the main drag in town). Hope the weather is good for you this weekend (but then the cape is good no matter what the weather in my opinion!)

        1. Providence would make a nice halfway point for a meal - I'd suggest Nick's on Broadway, or Julian's, also on Broadway - right near the 95/195 merge. Nick's is like an upscale diner, Julian's caters more to a hipster, "world music" crowd. Both have amazing food. If the weather's good and you want to sit outside, I'd suggest the outdoor cafe at Venda Ravioli (make a res).

          Something new I am dying to try is Troup House, right across the street from Nick's. This is restaurant week here in Prov, so check out their specials: It's in a big old Victorian (housing an Italian social club) and you can sit outside on their big wraparound porch.