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Jul 9, 2008 02:20 PM

[HOU] Afternoon/High Tea

Any recommendations? I'm spending a Saturday with my 9-year-old god-daughter and would love to take her to tea. I've heard of tea at the St. Regis, but wonder if it's worth $35/per person.

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  1. This is suggestion is based on hearsay, not on my own experience. I've heard the afternoon tea at Vargo's is their best meal. There's the added feature -- perhaps interesting to a young person -- of watching the swans and peacocks.

    1. I went with a group last December and it was worth every dime. Excellent, educational service, great selection of teas and the tea sandwhiches were sublime. They will box up the leftover scones for you to take home. You and your goddaughter will defintely have a wonderful time.