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Jul 9, 2008 01:43 PM

Intelligentsia at Square One

Stopped by Square One for lunch today...hadn't been in a while. They now have an espresso machine and are using Intelligentsia coffee.

We ordered an espresso and a capuccino and they were both excellently prepared: nice crema on the espresso, perfect foam on the cap (complete with little flower design). It was as if we were at Intelligentsia. Far and away some of the best coffee I've had at a restaurant.

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  1. Comme Ca serves Intelligentsia. Too bad their food isn't as good as the coffee.

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    1. Dinner: that frisee aux lardon salad--undressed and completely bland, the bacon was good. Bouillabaisse: some of the seafood overcooked, broth tasted very strongly of iron, the heavy metal. Service at dinner: kind of sloppy.

      Brunch: Croque madam: toast completely overtoasted, dried out, had to fight to cut that thing. Service at brunch: very good.

      Kicker: at brunch they threw open the windows because it's been so hot, and guess what came in--FLIES. LOTS of them. Buzzing around us the whole time.

      I don't like Comme Ca except for their cocktails, but not the bloody mary, that was weirdly sweet awful.

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        Both food and coffee are very good.

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            As in poor maybe like Denny's or similar, or just not up to your expectations?!

      2. Yeah, the coffee at Square one is good as well as their food. But only go there when either you are very early before or late after the major crowd rush. We used to use Intelligentsia beans at home for french press and espresso but now switched mostly to L.A. coffee in Silverlake. But I like both and mix different beans to make my personal brews. Prefer to go to Intelligentsia for espresso and dessert since LA coffee is more formal with servers. I don't like the black coffee at Intelligentsia. I also luv the cheese shop tucked right around the corner from Intelligentsia. Mmm, eating their bread and imported cheese while drinking Intelligentsia espresso latte or cappuccino is heaven.

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          I forgot to say didn't like the pancakes at Square one, other stuff seems ok to pretty good.