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Jul 9, 2008 01:15 PM

Rehearsal Dinner Restaurant Request (Vegas)

All plans have been made with one exception and that is the restaurant to be chosen for a rehearsal dinner; my son will be married on August 23rd at the Venetian. There will be a party of 25 people (I think...hope not more than that) on Friday evening, August 22nd.

This will be a mixed group of adults, one young 7 year old, three teen agers...we're trying to please most if not everyone with a nice food selection, but I'll save the gourmet dinners for me and my husband:)

Just wondering if you had any experience dining with a group for this purpose and if you would be able to provide suggestions. As always I appreciate your good advice. (We're all booked at the Flamingo, by the way, just to provide a location---wedding and wedding dinner at Venetian.

Thank you.

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  1. I would consider Mon Ami Gabi at the Paris; pretty close to the Flamingo, not hugely pricy, good menu and good service, and they seem to accomodate groups well. The fountain show is nice if you are close to the windows, and the general atmosphere is really pleasant. They do fine with kids.

    Another option might be cafe ba ba reeba down at the fashionshow mall (both MAG and CCBR are part of the lettuce entertain you empire and thus can be classified as a chain, but are usually solid on food and service, in my opinion). Cafe ba ba reeba offers tapas and a pretty wide variety of food, and you have an outdoor option if that is feasible then (it may well be too hot). It's nice because people can have as much, or as little, as they like, and it's not exceedingly pricy.

    Just a couple of thoughts.

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      Caneletto @ the Venetian has some nice private rooms upstairs for parties and groups. You can do a meal as simple as Pizza's, salads and antipasti...and keep the budget to a minimum

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        You didn't mention your price point...that makes a big difference. Its a bit of a drive (not too bad from the Flamingo, however), but the steakhouse at Green Valley Ranch (Hank's) has a beautiful private room that would be perfect for a group that size. I had a lovely group dinner there....but I wasn't paying, and I have a feeling its pricey.

        I don't remember Mon Ami Gabi having any private rooms, and its noisy and crowded...not a good idea for a rehearsal dinner IMO.

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          Actually, I think that there is a private room off to the side at MAG, and that's kind of what I was thinking of. I agree that the main room can be noisy. Hank's is quite pricy, as you surmised.

          1. re: lvnvflyer

            a friend had her RD at Grand Lux. They gave them a semi-private room and allowed her to narrow down the menu to several options the guests could chose from. It was a big hit. This was a few years back at Venetian. There's now a location at Palazzo, as well.