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Jul 9, 2008 01:06 PM


Has anyone dined or had a function at the new Casaletto in Elmsford (formerly La Stazione). I understand it's owned by the former Guida's (ossining) folks (I think).

Many Thanks.

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  1. Never had dinner at Casaletto's but I have to tell you the new place up the street on 119 Alaroma which was Andrew's and Gaulins is great. Walking in the door you feel so warm an freindley, you can have a drink at the bar before or after with a cozy atmosphere. The food is to die for. Great portion and huge selection of different foods. Either dinning on the patio, fireside or slider's at the bar. Will make you come back

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      can you list name some of the items on their menu pls at alaroma..thanks

      1. re: intrepid

        Some of my favorties are the chicken scarparo, Pepercorn steak, Pork chops Valdostano which is stuffed with fontina & prosciutto . They also have a great bar menu if you are not looking for a whole meal.

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        Have to agree with you. I had tried some food that people had trays of for takeout and the chicken scarporo and chicken paisano were amazing. The other night I actually got to go there and had my heart set on the scarporo. The appetizers were pretty good, Calamari, hot antipasta, and a spedini were good, but the entrees are where they shine. I had the steak al a Mike. Nice sized cut, with a sherry cream sauce and mushrooms, topped with frizzzled onions and sliced potatoes. Amazing dish for something relatively simple. Huge portion too. Others are the table had the scarporo, paisano, the pumpkin ravioli, and the salmon special. Not one complaint was heard.

      3. This restaurant doesn't have a website, right? I'm thinking of going and am trying to get a sense of the price range? Is it kind of upscale casual or really informal?

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          I'm having a problem figuring out the name of this new place. What is it?

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            Alaroma on Rte. 119 in Elmsford. It's one of our favorites. Try the scarparo, shrimp franchese or steak a la mike and you will be very happy. Cozy atmosphere and friendly service. It's our favorite for a Sunday night dinner.

        2. Some more info about Casaletto from Westchester Magazine:
          Former Guida’s owner Luigi Guida has opened Casaletto Ristorante (15 S Central Ave, Elmsford 914-592-5980), a 4,000 square-foot Southern Italian restaurant. On the menu: spaghetti Partenopea, made with plum tomatoes, capers, and olives; chicken sorrentino; and shrimp with butter-and-lemon sauce. Pasta dishes cost $15; dinner entrées are $18 to $25.