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Jul 9, 2008 12:53 PM

Upper Crust Pizza in Harvard Sq. - when, when when??

We used to live on Beacon Hill and got quite addicted to Upper Crust's pizzas. We now live in Somerville, and I have seen ads in various local magazines saying "Harvard Square - coming soon" for about a year or two now. Does anyone know if/when this is happening? We have yet to find good pizza where we live now... (close to Inman Sq.)

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  1. I work across the street- we keep thinking that it will happen any day now- but no dice! The signs are up, there a napkin holders loaded and ready in the window, and I swear I saw a soda delivery truck the other day..

    Oh- yeah, it's on Brattle st near the Crate and Barrel (if that was your question).

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    1. re: voodoocheese

      It's where the Museum of Useful Things was. Personally, I'd rather have that back than another Upper Crust, but that's me.

      1. re: BarmyFotheringayPhipps

        True. At least you could buy a $29 pencil holder rather than an overrated pizza.

    2. A young guy came into my store today with an Upper Crust hat on, I asked him when, when, when-- and he said Tuesday! He also asked if I'd had their pizza before (I haven't) and assured me that it was great. MUT was fun- and I enjoyed going in there, it's a shame they had to make way for another pizza joint.. but it will be nice to walk across the street for slice; especially since Market in the Square is kind of a disappointment.

      1. Not a fan of Upper Crust by any stretch. I find Pizza Oggi's in the Holyoke Center to be better. I guess though for fans of the Upper Crust, this will be convenient.

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        1. re: BackBayGirl

          Tuesday!! Yay!! That's too bad about the MUT though, that was a fun store. Thanks for the feedback everyone! I haven't tried Pizza Oggi (do they deliver? the only time I eat pizza is when we have it delivered because I'm too lazy or busy to cook)

          1. re: Cattie

            For those that are mourning MUT their sister store, Black Ink, is located in the heart of Harvard Square (near Cardullo's and the former Greenhouse Restaurant). It carries some of the same stuff MUT did but also lots of fun and whimsical stuff. It's a regular stop on my gift-buying circuit

            And to bring this post on-topic, I also work across the street from that location and am cautiously optimistic about Upper Crust. I haven't found great pizza locally either, though I guess I should give Oggi's a try.