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Jul 9, 2008 12:29 PM

Need Large Quantities of Pate

I have a large Bastille Day party every year and among other things, serve large quantities of different sorts pate. I also need quite a few duck confit legs. Normally, Le Village in Brisbane has an open warehouse sale just before Bastille Day, but I have not received a notice, and despite numerous calls and messages left, have not been able to get anyone there to return a call to tell me if they will be open before the 14th.

Does anyone have any suggestions as to where else I might go for these things in bulk and at below-retail prices (also perhaps a place that might be open on Saturdays)? I know that I can get everything I need at a good market, but don't want to be spending $1K to get what I need.

Any help would be appreciated!

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  1. You can order whole pâtés at wholesale prices direct from Marcel et Henri, but you have to pick up in South SF on Monday between 8 and 4:30.

    Marcel Et Henri Charcuterie
    415 Browning Way S, San Francisco, CA

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    1. re: Robert Lauriston

      Pretty sure Marcel et Henri is what Le Village carries.

      smperreault, is M et H what you usually get? I wish I could remember what I sampled at the Family Winemakers Tasting last year, but I thought some of M et H's products were almost as good as Fatted Calf's duck liver mousse, some not quite as good, but all were much cheaper.

      1. re: SteveG

        Have not been to Le Village for a while, but last time the pates and saucisson were mostly from Fabrique Delices.

    2. Costco has duck confit legs. Not in bulk, but probably cheaper than most other retail sources.

      Can't help you with the pate.

      1. I wonder if you could order directly from Fabrique Delices?

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        1. re: Armoise

          Per this report from last year, you can pick at at Fabrique Delices facility in Hayward,

          Too late for the OP, but FD also sells at several farmers markets.

          Fabrique Delices
          1610 Delta Ct # 1, Hayward, CA

        2. I stopped at Country Cheese Incorporated this afternoon and saw they were carrying Fabrique Delices pates in bulk -- you simply tell them how much to cut off the log. I got a fairly hefty slice of the duck with truffles for either $12.99 or $16.99 a pound (I'm sorry I don't remember). But they had five or six different kinds to choose from.

          Country Cheese
          415 Divisadero St, San Francisco, CA

          1. er, might be a little late for Jul 14, but for future reference ...

            you can check POLARICA off 3rd ave ~Bayview on the south side of SF:

            i dunno how their prices compare to LE VILLAGE but they have a pdf with
            prices and phone numbers on their WEEB site.

            Note: they were M-F last time i checked.

            and while you're at it, you can pick up any kangaroo/antelope/rattlesnake/alligator
            meat you might need.

            p.s. i have been going to country cheese aka "cheese not bombs" in berkeley
            for a long time, and i regret to say their inventory mangagement/storage often
            leaves various products [cheese, meats] in "variable condition" ... i dunno if
            this applies to the SF store referenced above.