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Jul 9, 2008 12:08 PM

Chelsea SW3 Takeout or Delivery?

Does anyone have any good recommendations for takeout or delivery in Chelsea? As for takeout, I live on Old Church St near King's Road, so anything within a 10 minute walk I'm good for a walk and also any delivery places. Any cuisine is fine, I just moved to the neighborhood. Don't do delivery often but sometimes, on a night like tonight when it is raining, it is definitely suitable.

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  1. al dar and ranoush, both on the kings road, will deliver excellent lebanese cuisine. or you could just walk (better option imo).

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      Any good neighborhood restaurant recommendations? Doe snot appear to be any good sushi restaurants, for one.

    2. I live in the area and agree that there are not many good takeout restaurants.
      For sushi, you might try Benihana (I don't know if they deliver or do takeout, but they probably have sushi OR E & O further down on Kings Road).

      For pizza/Italian:
      Firezza in Chelsea delivers
      For British fare, I would try Scoff, which delivers.

      I would try:
      You enter your post code and they give you a variety of restaurants and cuisines that you can have delivered to your address.
      Happy Eating!