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Jul 9, 2008 12:07 PM

"Bucket List" Restaurants in Mil.?

Hello all. I have a quick question. Quite simply, who serves the best food in Milwaukee/Milwaukee area? I'm compiling a "bucket list" sort of thing of the restaurants I want to visit before I leave for school in the fall, and as I have been living just outside downtown Milwaukee for 18 years, I feel I haven't fully experienced what it has to offer in terms of food. Thus, who in Milwaukee serves the best...

1. Burger (I've heard Sobelman's, but any others I should consider? This is the one I am most interested in)
2. Pizza
3. Mexican

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  1. As an aside you should try McBob's for their corned beef sandwich. Very delicious.

    1. If you like moles, then try JalapeƱo Loco's near the airport. The rest of the menu was (it's been a few years since I've been) was pretty bland run-of-the-mill Mexican, but the moles were very good.

      Also, Cempazuchi on Brady st. for more upscale mex.

      1. Sobelman's is indeed a great burger. I can also strongly recommend Leff's Lucky Town on State St in the old Tosa Village.

        With the demise of the old east side Al Calderone Club on Bartlett, the only plcae I can recommend for pizza is Lalli's at 80-something and North Ave. Cash only, carry-out only (although taking it over to the tables in front of the bar next door is easy enough), and the thin crust is to die for.

        For basic Mexican, Jalisco's on S 16th (Ceasr Chavez Blvd) and the lunch counter in the Mercado El Rey at 35th & Burnham cant be beat. I agree that Cempazuchi is also excellent.

        If you havent yet had a corned beef sandwich fro Jake's on North Ave, you are really missing out. McBob's is good, but very messy to eat. And be sure to get some BBQ from either Speed Queen or Ashley's on Center St.

        1. The author of "Hamburger America," George Motz, recommends Solly's Grille in Milwaukee as one of the Top 100 hamburgers in America. Funny book, I'm browsing it at my Dad's house. Supposedly one of the last true butter burgers, not lame like Culver's.