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Jul 9, 2008 11:46 AM

Sonoma Dining

My husband and I recently took a trip (over the 4th) to Sonoma and Napa. We had dinner at Sante's and the Girl and the Fig. Sante's, in the Sonoma Mission Inn where we were staying, was very good overall. I will say that a couple of dishes could have used a little more seasoning to my liking: the tuna tartar amuse bouche would be fabulous with quality sea salt and my fish entree lacked the same. The setting however is luxe and the service was knowledgeable and on top of things. They even compted a couple of glasses of nice is that?
The Girl and the Fig was a good time, lamb chops over the best bean salad! We started with the frites, that was a new one for us, but it made us feel like we were being bad little kids, it was great.

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  1. I never realized Sante had a week-end brunch until I just looked at the website. Has anyone tried it?

    The Girl & The Fig
    110 West Spain, Sonoma, CA 95442

    Sante Restaurant
    100 Boyes Blvd, Sonoma, CA