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Jul 9, 2008 11:27 AM

30th Surprise Party - Good Food and Karaoke??

I'm helping a friend out and trying to give her ideas for her husbands 30th Birthday. She wants good food (mostly apps), good bar, karaoke, and she really wants it to be a private thing. Any suggestions? I have no clue what her budget is. She wants it to be relaxing, casual, and low key. I already suggested Spotlight Live to her but she wants to get a few more ideas. Does anyone have any suggestions? Figure about 30 people will be attending. Thanks!

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    1. i set up a party for my friend's birthday at Japas. Unlimited sake and beer and food for about $30 a person in their private rooms.

      1. BINY - thompson/canal i think..private room and fairly edible sushi...

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          I don't think the room at BINY can hold that many people but . . . maybe. I'd go with Japas though, that should be easy but the food ain't spectacular. you might want to try maru on 32nd for a nice space, but their song selection is not amazing, although they do have a relatively large typical korean bar menu.

        2. A friend of mine had his 30th birthday party at Jeollado at 116 East 4th Street in the Village. They have a private back room, karaoke, anime painted on the walls, decent sushi, sake, and it's free if you can guarantee $400 in food and drinks (I think you need to leave a $50 deposit to book it). 30 people would probably fill the room to the max.

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            had a bachelorette party dinner before going out at jeollado also.

            the room is a good comfortable space. the karaoke is a cute touch. it fit for our purposes i think around 25 people comfortably. the food is acceptable neighborhood sushi, but definitely not sushi to write home about.