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Jul 9, 2008 11:26 AM

I need the restaurant of a lifetime...both food and athmosphere here is my problem. I have been seeing this guy for about a month now here in boston and I have completely fallen for that one true love/the one you always wished would come along kind of way. The only problem is that he lives in Texas and is only in Boston till the end of July on his Masters Program internship. He is 32, I am 29 (and if you must know, we are gay)....anyways I have a very special night planned for July 18th...pulling out all the stops...only thing I am missing is dinner. I am stuck. I am looking to go somewhere amazing. I had an initial idea of going to Uni for cocktails and apps and then to Clio for dinner. Then I was thinking L'espalier for the 4-course menu. Then I thought maybe Mistral because it is a tad more hip. (Not that I need hip, dont let our age made u think we need see and be seen hotspot) Needless to say I am stuck. I have eaten at pretty much every restaurant in boston (for real) but knowing that I can tend to be snobbish I was wondering what others thought would be the most idyllic/romantic/uniquely sublime restaurant to take the guy of my dreams out to for our last dinner together here in town.

Sidenote: We have not discussed where this very new relationship is going to go once he moves back to Texas, and I know what restaurant I take him to is not going to matter in deciding that outcome but if it goes how I would like...I want to be able to look back and tell my grandchildren how I won over their grandfather in a storybook kind of way on this night back on July 18, 2008

Sidenote 2: We both like all kinds of food. I have brought him to B&G, Stella, Union, Myers+Chang, Davios, Bricco, Mare and Casa Romero and he has liked them all.

So how can u help me ????????

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  1. I'd probably say Clio for the most inventive food. And Uni is great too. And you can't go wrong with L'Espalier, especially while it's still in the townhouse.

    That said, you might want to consider Troquet. Fab food, and IMO, the best wine list in town (much of it available by the glass)

    When you make your reservation, by sure to explain your situation and you'll probably be able to get an upstairs window seat overlooking the Common.

    1. Mistral is not a hip spot! It's more of an expense account spot like Sorellina, Excelsior.
      O Ya probably would be better suited for you.

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        I mean Hip in that Mistral actually has a fairly large young (27-33) gay male crowd that goes there...but yes, I know what you mean...I love O Ya but just not romantic enough....

        1. re: HelpIamInLove

          My Wife (we were dating at the time) took me to mistral on our third date and the male waiter hit on me the whole time - I'm definitely not bragging since I'm straight. But we laugh about it all the time - If the wait staff does the same to you, you may not laugh... since you obviously wouldn't want an interloper to spoil your night.

          As for my recommendation if you can only choose one place - it would have to be L'espalier. To date my best dining experience ever.

      2. I'd have to go w/ L'Espalier, especially if things do pan out for you, you can look back to that lovely dinner at L'Espalier years ago when it was still in the brownstone.

        1. Take a drive to Kennebunkport for the night and eat at White Barn Inn, spend the night in gay friendly Ogunquit
          Take a drive to Newport and eat at The Spiced Pear or Castle Inn
          Take a train to Portland Maine and eat at 555 or Hugo's
          You never mentioned what plans you have.
          Oak Room
          when does Lespalier close for their move from the brownstone?

          Good luck with you love!

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          1. re: gyppielou

            Oh how i would love to head to another state, but kinda stuck in boston because of other plans (hotel reservations at four seasons and a return to one of our early date spots, the weeks bridge over the charles river near harvard)

            1. re: HelpIamInLove

              Reservations can be changed! And if you can afford the 4S then you can try to get a room at the White Barn Inn and make even more new romantic memories.

              Go relive weeks bridge tonight~

              What fun to try to aid in the web of love!

              1. re: HelpIamInLove

                And I think stowing away for an evening by the sea is very romantic.

                Hard call on #9. I hear you. That's why I thought a first great adventure, hoping for many more would be fun.

              2. re: gyppielou

                And when in Ogunquit, how about the fabulous Arrows, run by Clark Frasier and Mark Gaier, a gay couple themselves?

              3. I think No. 9 park would be a lovely option. The location is right on the common in case you want to take a nice walk before or after dinner. I think the service level there is catered to generating a "special occasion" feel and the food there is IMO a good balance of yummy while interesting.

                I love the food at O Ya, but I don't know if the ambiance would be as romantic as you'd like. The two times I have been the glare from the fluorescent light in the kitchen is rather jarring compared to the relatively dark dining room, and the waiters dress more casually.

                Another option, which I'm not sure would work well with the rest of your evening plans, is Arrows Restaurant about an 1-1.5 hour drive north of Boston in Ogunquit. They have gardens on their grounds which they will let you walk around on with champagne before your meal (as long as your reservation is early enough that it's still light out :) ). They grow all their own produce on their grounds as well. The dining room is quite precious, and the service level high. Another fact, which may or may not resonate with you, is the chef/owners are a gay couple (Ogunquit in general is very gay-friendly).

                Good luck with your planning!

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                  ok...Arrows would bring a tear to my eye (not that that is a bad thing). but unfortunately I already have the hotel booked (Four Seasons) and I want to take him back to the bridge that we stood on during one of our first dates (The John Weeks footbridge over the Charles River down near harvard) so I am kind of stuck in Boston. But now that you mention Arrows...has anyone been to Winter Summer? i know I looked at their menu once and it looked amazing. Not sure how much time Mark and Clark spend there...also not sure how the atmoshepe is seeing how it is in the Burlington Marriot...but must be decent...right?

                  1. re: HelpIamInLove

                    If you have ever been to Mark & Clark's other restaurant in Ogunquit, MC Perkins, the menu is essentially identical. I think in terms of atmosphere, some place like No. 9 Park or L'Espalier would be a much better bet. You have to walk through the hotel to get to Summer Winter, and I think they purposely are going for a more casual feel there, to match the more casual menu.

                  2. re: pkit

                    Arrows! The meal that made my wife forgive the world's most disgusting B&B (West Highland Inn,.,.yick)