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Jul 9, 2008 11:25 AM

Napa Valley Go Fish

What a delight, what a sushi bar, what great sake! So fresh and clean, we went twice during our limited dining time. Not inexpensive, but if you're going to buy sushi, you can't go wrong. That said, also try the salt crusted prawns. You're waitperson will invite you to eat the shell too; I've never tried that, but the preparation was such it made it appropriate to do so. It's in St. Helena.

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  1. Thanks for the report

    Go Fish
    641 Main St, St. Helena, CA 94574

    1. The thing I have always found frustrating about Go Fish and Cindy's Backstreet Kitchen is that the menus are SO varied and eclectic that I have a hard time selecting a meal that makes any sense at all. Should sushi preceed West Coast Bouillabaisse? Should stuffed piquillo peppers preceed a Chinatown Duck Burger? Apparently I am a purist, or traditionalist, or something. On the other hand, that makes Cindy Pawlcyn's restaurants absolutely perfect for dining with an eclectic group of people, or children, or picky adult eaters. There is always something for everyone.

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      1. re: Junie D

        Here is an old report from when it first opened.

        Has it changed much since opening?

        1. re: Junie D

          Junie, with eclectic menus, as long as the food is done well, I think you only need to trust your judgement about what sounds good to you and in what order they should come. I've read a few posts where people like it when they don't have to make decisions on their choices... no offense, but I enjoy putting my own meal together. That's what's fun about dining out!

          1. re: Konacucina

            It is simply a matter of personal preference. I am not opposed to choices, or putting my own meal together, and I certainly trust my own judgement. It is just that the varied styles and world-wide ingredients make it a challenge for me to select a meal that makes sense in my mind.

            For example, I recently ate at Go Fish and had a lobster roll (tempura shrimp roll topped with avocado and lobster) followed by sand dabs done as fish and chips. Both dishes were very good, but their styles were so incongruous that they left me feeling like I had tasted a couple of very good dishes, not eaten a satisfying meal.

            Of course, tasting a variety of styles is exactly what some people want.

            1. re: Junie D

              I think the menu is unwieldy, with little focus. Not only too many dishes, but too many dishes that aren't concepted well. Sushi is good.