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A DC Native's Top Personal Picks

Best Seafood:
Crisfield's (Silver Spring, MD)

Best Pizza:
Ledo's (Adelphi , MD)

Best Economical Italian:
Vicino's (Silver Spring, MD)

Best Chinese:
Foong Lin (Bethesda, MD)

Best Frozen Custard:
Dickey's Frozen Custard (Washington, DC on Connecticut. Ave and I St. NW)

Best Spanish and Portuguese Cuisine:
Tavira (Chevy Chase, MD)

Best Kosher Deli
Loeb's (Washington, DC on 15th and H St. NW)

Best Organic Cusine
Nora's (Washington, DC)

Best Authentic French Cuisine
La Bergerie (Alexandria, VA)

Pretty Good Hickory Smoked Pit BBQ:
Dixie Bones (Woodbridge, VA)

Best Brunch/Best Grits
Omni Shoreham Hotel (Washington, DC - $16.95)

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  1. The only Ledo Pizza I tried was the one in Leesburg and it was horrible! Crust the consistency of pie crust (I'm talking like an apple pie crust) and sickeningly sweet sauce. That said, I've heard they're not all the same. So...to each his own.

    Haven't been to Loeb's but must admit from reading what others have written, it gets mixed reviews. For Kosher Deli, I go to Chutzpah. Obviously, you can get far better in NYC, though.

    I've been wanting to get to Dixie Bones for years. One of these days...

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    1. re: MizYellowRose

      Ledo-style pizza is actually a big thing in the DC area. It's not just Ledo, but a lot of the pubs in suburban MD serve the same kind of thing. Obviously the original Ledo in Adelphi does it best, but the Stained Glass pub in on Layhill and Corner Pub in 4 Corners serve a similar-style pizza.

      My wife is from outside the area and can't stand it, but I personally like it a lot. A lot of out-of-towners don't seem to like it.

      It's something that is unique to this area: square pizza, sweet sauce, provolone cheese, flaky and buttery crust. MD-style pizza should get more recognition.

      1. re: kinglearz

        Italian Inn in Landover Hills also does Ledo's style pizza. Not as good as the original Ledo's in Langly Park but LEAGUES better than the Ledo's chain stores. Those are just nasty.

        Marios in Alexandria does a similar style pie as well.

        1. re: monkeyrotica

          I'm surprised that Italian Inn never gets mentioned here.

          1. re: Mister Big

            I think Italian Inn and other red-check-tablecloth Italian-American places have really fallen out of favor, which is a shame because these places and this food needs to be rediscovered. Just not "sophisticated" enough for an audience that expects Bebo and 2Amys instead of lasagna and chicken cacciatore and rectangular pizza served on cafeteria trays. For all their faults, AV and Gusti's and Luigi's serve(d) decent, unassuming food at reasonable prices, which should never go out of style.

            Italian Inn
            6221 Annapolis Rd, Hyattsville, MD 20784

            1. re: monkeyrotica

              I agree with you in principal, but not in practice. For example, when I've gone to other communities which have a substantial Italian-American population, the Italian-American working class places are SO MUCH better than AV's or Gusti's or Luigi's or Anna Maria's ever were. Even just saying the names of those old places gives me the creeps.

              Places like Pio's in Erie, PA or Pepperoncini near Philly or any number of places in Jersey that bake their own pepperoni rolls and make their own Italian Wedding Soup are the real thing, not places like Ruffino's in Arlington, which is foul stuff indeed.

              The places in DC were lousy when I moved here in 1976 and they still don't hold up.

              1. re: Steve

                Well, the key element is that DC doesn't HAVE any Italian-American working class anymore, hence the dearth of decent options. Instead we have working class Ethiopian, Eritrean, Salvadorean, Korean, and in those cuisines, DC has some excellent options. But you still have a handful of decent affordable Italian-American options; the aformentioned Italian Inn, Mike's Italian on Route 1 (which has been there since the 1930s), Hector's Place near Del Ray, Pema's.

                Still, I've never found too many Italians eating at any of those places.

                1. re: Steve

                  Great reply, Steve! You said it so well! We're native Bostonians and always took the great Italian food we had up there for granted...that is until we moved here. The DC Metro area isn't known for having good Italian food...that's for sure! We've found a place in VA that comes very close to what you get further north but still something is missing...

                  1. re: MizYellowRose

                    i think what we DO have is upscale italian....like Obelisk, Tosca, even I Ricchi which i recently went to and despite less than stellar past dinners, this one was good. They aren't red sauce, checkered tablecloth places but they aren't meant to be either. I think the "Pines" chains try to fill that bill but haven't been to one in years. Anna Maria's in dupont is a pretty good rendition of down home red sauce italian and the prices are decent, especially since you get soup or salad w the entree.

                    1. re: DCDOLL

                      I have tried Anna Maria's---good, but not great. If I want truly great red sauce Italian food, I'll find it in South Philly or the North End of Boston. I can even find better Italian food in Baltimore---not to mention NYC. In other words, one has to go further north to find it.

                      1. re: MizYellowRose

                        Please don't even try to tell me that Little Italy or Glen Burnie have good Italian.

                        1. re: Joe H

                          You mean Little Italy in Baltimore? It's better than anything you get in the DC area but I'll take South Philly and the North End over it. As for Glen Burnie---don't know--never eaten there...

                          1. re: MizYellowRose

                            Respectfully, but I strongly disagree having made biannual visits to Little Italy since Maria's 300 was there in the early '70's. Overtime I've eaten in every restaurant there. I liked the Saloon in Philly and Vetri; I also sorely miss our Lab and Maestro which were both among America's best.

          2. re: kinglearz

            There used to be (or still is?) a place in Rockville called Gentleman Jim's that had that kind of pizza. Off 28 east of 355.

            1. re: Steve

              Gentleman Jim's was located in the Twinbrook shopping center that has the post office and Dairy Queen now. It was a hole in the wall rrestaurant that was known for their pizza however it wasn't based on Ledo's.....it was based on an old-time DC Italian restaurant called Cavalier....not sure where the original was exactly located however when they opened the one on Veirs Mill Road(not 28) the restaurant was called Cavalier.....my parents and I used to go there for their pizzas and red-sauced Italian cuisine....this was back in the late 60s/early 70s.....in fact I can still picture and taste their eggplant parmaigana and their spaghetti with meatballs in my mind.....it was one of our favorite places to go to along with Capri and Pop's Pizza in Wheaton.....hope that helps..

              1. re: lvanleer

                Pop's in Wheaton...thanks for reminding me.

            2. re: kinglearz

              The Pizza Oven in Riverdale (maybe the original Pizza Oven, before all of the franchises) has square, thin crust pizza. It's not really like Ledo pizza, but I like it.

              I still miss my hometown hangout The Irish Pizza Pub - for the pizza, the live music and the leprechauns.

              1. re: 4X4

                I've heard of the fabled Irish Pizza Pub. They were decades ahead in the fusion cuisine race.

                1. re: monkeyrotica

                  I used to go to the Irish Pizza pub once a week. I always had an Irish coffee and pizza. It was great, but I was a little afraid of the leprechaun.

                  1. re: Suemelk

                    A LITTLE afraid of the leprechaun? You're braver than me.

                    I heard Irish Pizza Pub burned down a few years ago and was replaced by some other kind of pub. I wonder if they still do pizza?

                    1. re: monkeyrotica

                      Not only did it burn down (I believe in 2003), but it was burned down by its owners who tried to get insurance money for it.

                      It's a sports bar now. I haven't been there, and I doubt there are any leprechauns in that place.

            3. re: MizYellowRose

              Ledo pizza is just a square pizza? Is there anything else that makes it unique? I have been in the area for two years and never heard of it before.

              1. re: sekelmaan

                Quick note is that for Ledo's you need to go to Adelphi. They "franchised" in the 70's I believe and didn't have strict instructions. Any other location will vary, much like what's happening now to 5 Guys.

            4. Now you've done it! We can argue with each one of them, but let me start with just a few obvious ones.

              Best Barbecue is Willard's in Chantilly.

              Best Spanish and Portuguese is Taberna del Alabardero.

              Best Brunch and Grits is Georgia Brown's

              Best Pizza is 2Amys

              Everyone else is welcome to pile on.....

              1. A few comments based on personal experience:

                "Best Chinese:
                Foong Lin (Bethesda, MD)" Best Chinese is not even a category anymore. Try Best Sichuan or Best Cantonese or even Best Chinese-American. We are an esoteric site on the internet; we can be specific.

                "Best Frozen Custard:
                Dickey's Frozen Custard (Washington, DC on Connecticut. Ave and I St. NW)"
                Methinks you live a sheltered life. Go live it up a little and try the specials at Dairy Godmother in Del Ray or, recently, the specials at Frozen Dairy Bar in Falls Church.

                "Best Kosher Deli
                Loeb's (Washington, DC on 15th and H St. NW)"
                Oy vey, I feel like a scene from The Dybbuk coming on. Please don't Kosherize Loeb's. For the love of God, get to City Deli for a combo pastrami/corned beef on rye. Before it's too late. We need a Tenth Man!

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                1. re: Steve

                  Technically, Deli City is "kosher style", not kosher. But their reuben beats anything I've had, kosher OR non-kosher. I'd give them the "Best Reuben in DC" easily.

                  I don't think DC has a "best kosher deli." Sure as hell ain't Krupins.

                  1. re: monkeyrotica

                    I'm a New Yorker (as the name implies) living in Baltimore. While the city doesn't have that much going for it, Attmans Deli is the equal of many of NY's best. Be warned however, mediocre neighborhood and a pretty run-down dining room. Most folks take-out.

                2. Well if everyone is going to argue then I am too!

                  Pizza- Yuck! I know Ledo's is a MD institution, but it isn't very good. I second Two Amy's as the best Pizza in the DC area on a good night, oh my it is just so good.

                  Best Brunch definitely goes to Bistro Bis, best brunch with grits is a whole separate category for me and would go to GB so far, but there are many yet to be tried and that one could definitely change.

                  Best Spanish has to go to Taberna. Portugese who knows. But coming back from Spain and going to Taberna... yeah, it's authentic.

                  I don't know if we are counting ice cream/gelatto or just "frozen custard" but I like Dicky's don't get me wrong, but Dolcezza wins for the frozen goodness category for me. And I am bee lining it to Dairy Godmother now.

                  And some others I am just not touching right now or don't know enough about where you recommended to make a good decision, like seafood, which I haven't been to where you recommend, but can't imagine it would top Balt/Annap/Eastern Shore places, for that type of seafood, or Hook or Blacksalt for more modern seafood.

                  Dixie Bones has good ribs. But you really can't have BBQ as a general category pulled pork, ribs and regional preferences just make that an apples oranges type of category. Haven't been to Willards yet, I like the pulled pork at Urban the best so far, but it is just too much to compare.

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                  1. re: ktmoomau

                    And for me the best french in the area is Marcel's it does have some Belgium influence, but I still consider it very authentic to good French food.

                    1. re: ktmoomau

                      ktmoomau, my apologies. I misread your post. CH please delete this post of mine. Thanks.

                  2. I'm a native, and I love Ledo's, too. Newbies just don't get it, but instead prefer to complain that they can't find authentic NY or Chicago pizza.

                    When old friends return, they always want to visit Ledo's.

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                    1. re: Mister Big

                      Being from Adelphi I grew up on Ledo's pizza and didn't realize the uniqueness of it until I was an adult. People from other places would say, "thats not real pizza "and I would argue with them. Now having eaten many pizzas all over the world, including Italy, I realize they are right. But I still love Ledo's pizza the best.

                      1. re: Suemelk

                        I stopped having "that's not real____" arguments years ago. If it's good, it's good, regardless of authenticity.

                        I just wish the chain Ledo's was more like the original in Langley, instead of terrible.

                    2. I might have agreed with some of this list 10 (or 20) years ago, but IMHO none of these places are the best of their kinds any more.

                      Seafood: BlackSalt
                      Pizza: 2 Amy's
                      Red-sauce Italian: Mamma Lucia (Federal Plaza location)
                      Dim sum: New Fortune
                      Sichuan: Joe's Noodle
                      Taiwanese: Bob's 88
                      Dumplings: China Bistro
                      Spanish: Taberna del Alabardero
                      (non-Kosher) Deli: Parkway
                      BBQ: Urban
                      Brunch: the late Colorado Kitchen

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                      1. re: DanielK

                        I don't have a list. I'm going to keep trying every place that sounds interesting that I haven't been to already.

                        1. re: Ericandblueboy

                          Best Kosher Deli = PARKWAY DELI, = this must....HAS to be the only answer.

                          1. re: beauxgoris

                            I I was born in Sibley hospital over 61 years ago and soon after, the hospital was torn down and rebuilt five miles away. Over the years I published several lists on here of D. C.'s best over time and it would seem to need to be updated with several qualifications. Also several notations of D. C. icons that have still not been replaced; certainly not forgotten.

                            Ledo's in Hyattsville has pans that date back to 1957 when they opened that they bake some of the pies in; no other Ledo's has them. Simply, pizza at the original is better-far better-than any other. Growing up here Ledo's was PG pizza, later copied by Jimmy Comber's and Leonie's. D. C. was also home to a cheap, fresh dough pie found at the Pizza Pantry on Walter Reed Drive in Arlington and the PIzza Ovens in Rockville (Hungerford and 28) and East Pines. In the '50's and '60's there were a hundred places like these are the area. In D. C. Anna Maria on Connecticut Avenue, Gusti's on M and Luigi's on 19th were thought of by most as the city's best until Geppeto opened in Georgetown and ricotta cheese pie. Geppeto ruled for a couple of decades then came Pizzaria Paradiso and later Two Amy's who basic Margherrita is, indeed, outstanding. For me the other pies are very inconsistent. Today, Bebo, at its best is D. C.'s best overall pie with American Flatbread in Ashburn making a real statement.

                            Seafood: Kinkead's and Black Salt with the absolute best Maryland seafood at Jerry's in Lanham which needs far more recognition on here.

                            Ice Cream: Two Amy's. York Castle literally served Gifford's surviving ice cream when it opened with the licensed name Gifford's using a different base.
                            Barbeque: Allman's, Fredericksburg
                            Frozen Custard: Neilson's in Vienna IS the best but none approach the Reindeer which was on Colesville road at 2nd avenue in the '50's and '60's.
                            When Hofberg's closed on Eastern avenue D. C. lost its best Kosher deli. It still has not been replaced. Parkway was always a pale shadow of Hofberg's when they were both open. And, Hofberg's was never anything when it moved to Rockville. Sholl's Cafeteria has not been replaced and you still cannot find a real MIghty Mo-let alone a SirLoiner. But you can get Mo Sauce-real Mo sauce at the Key Bridge Marriott.

                            One day I'm going to pick up some and take it up to Michael Landrum and see what it tastes like at HellBurger.

                            And I still miss Tony Cheng's Szechuan on I street which introduced D. C. to great Chinese. Speedy Gonzalez in Arlington near Red Top Cab had great cheap, simple Tex Mex and Anita's original convereted Donut Dinette was much better when it first opened in the early '70's and she drove her Cadillac Eldorado with steer horns mounted on the hood. Benny's on Maine Avenue has not been replaced either, home of D. C.'s original and best fresh fried fish sandwich on cheap Wonderbread with mayonnaisey slaw and squirts of Crystal hot sauce.

                            1. re: Joe H

                              Joe--I always enjoy your posts. I'm two years younger, but share some of your restaurant history.

                              1. re: Mister Big

                                Speaking of restaurant history, we haven't had really good Creole food since New Orleans Emporium closed in the '80s.

                              2. re: Joe H

                                As someone who eats Bebo's pizzas at least once a week, I agree with Joe H..they have ironed out some consistency issues that they had with the occasional "wet", overtopped or over oiled pie and inconsistent cooking times or temps..these days their pies are well-balanced and consistently very good to excellent...and service has improved with Claudio Sandri in charge and an almost new wait and management staff (it is still an "eccentric" place but the food is worth it..sitting at the bar is still a safe bet)

                              3. re: beauxgoris

                                Once upon a time loved Parkway. But then I worked in Rockville about seven years ago and had a series of business/work dinners there because it was a convenient, agreeable location. Aside from the pickle bar, I found almost everything on the menu to have gone so far downhill as to be objetionable. I could barely touch some of it.

                                if I need a sandwich fix now, I head to City Deli which is difficult to beat under any circumstances or for a wider range of food, Chutzpah.

                                And Kosher has nothing to do with any of these places!

                                1. re: Steve

                                  ^^I'm confused - Parkway (at least the one I'm talking about) is off E/W highway between Chevy Chase and Silver Spring, not Rockville? Is there another location?

                                  1. re: beauxgoris

                                    I don't think there is. We go to Parkway (Grubb St) every Tue for lunch and it is great. Hostess/Waitresses are very friendly and accommodating.

                                    1. re: beauxgoris

                                      No we're talking about the same one - the dinners had to be convenient to folks coming from Rockville AND Silver Spring.

                            2. I've been to a ledo's in Fairfax, Definitely a good call. Have you or anyone else been to the Belga Cafe? its by Eastern Market in DC. I had a date there a couple weeks ago, and I liked it a lot. What do you think?

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                              1. re: heyarnold

                                If you liked Belga Cafe, you'll LOVE Dr. Granville Moore's moulles frites on H Street.

                                granville moore's
                                1238 H St NE, Washington, DC 20002

                              2. I've never been to Dixie Bones but I like Rocklands in Georgetown and Rockville. For economical Italian I prefer Olaazo in Bethesda. Crisfield's crab cakes are fair but their crab salad sandwich is out of this world.

                                1. A couple of comments:

                                  Best Mexican/Salvadorian street food is El Charrito Caminante in Arlington.

                                  Joe didn't make it as crystal clear as he usually does, but Ledo (the original in Hyattsville) has nothing to do with all the other Ledo's, which are separately owned and do not make the same pizza. Consequently, objections to posts about how good the original Ledo's might be, based on experience at any other location, are mis-placed.

                                  As Steve obliquely points out, there are no Kosher deli's in the Washington area, at least that seem to ever be mentioned in these lists. There may be something Kosher in the Kemp Mill area or someplace like that?? As to those which have been mentioned, personally, I think Parkway has some of the worst food anywhere--it is execrable. Deli City's Rueben and corned beef are great, but it is not a deli in any normal sense of that word.

                                  The really interesting question now, given the spate of new places offering burgers, is where is the best burger. I wish I could be there to help do the research for that one!

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                                  1. re: johnb

                                    There is a place called Eli's at 20th and N that is Kosher. Not good.

                                    Kosher has a specific meaning (there is even a Kosher Board on Chowhound), so it would be nice if posters to a food-centric website could try not to confuse that with "anything Deli."

                                    1. re: johnb

                                      John, you are missed!

                                      As for burgers, for me, there is a new consideration: can I enjoy a hamburger as much if I do not have french fries to go with it? The obvious answer is yes but there is a lifelong association on my part of eating hamburgers with french fries, whether Mighty Mo's, Double Doubles or even a half pound + burger at a bar or restaurant. This is not so much a reference to Ray's Hellburgers (which does not serve french fries) as it is a very real discussion I had with a friend in 1981 while leaning against a shelf as I ate, at the time, what was considered by some to be the best hamburger in Texas at Kincaid's Grocery in Fort Worth. At the time there was a place here on PA avenue called Bon Apetite that had a good hamburger but sold potato chips instead of fries. It never stopped me from going there but I remember thinking that I might have liked their burgers ever more if they sold fries. Regardless, they topped several surveys as D. C.'s best burger at the time so for perhaps everyone but me it was a nonissue! I have wondered however if Five Guys would be considered nearly as good if they did not have french fries?

                                      Anyway, D. C. seems to have become a kind of ground zero for hamburgers perhaps in part because of the enormous success and rapid growth of Five Guys. They seem to be similar to Ledo's (for totally different reasons) in that none of the franchises are as good as the original was at one time. But they've stoked an incredible interest in a better burger at a time when most people either never knew what a good hamburger tastes like, or forgot. Hamburgers for years seemed to have been left behind here in popularity but now there must be a half dozen serious contenders for the title of best.

                                      A recent disappointment, by the way, is Elevation Burger which I really liked when it first opened. Fatburger is coming here too but in California Fatburger pales next to In'n'out and I don't expect much out of the franchise.

                                      1. re: Joe H

                                        For what it's worth, I have tried Ray's burgers, and I could barely finish the burger/corn/watermelon combo. It's a huge burger, particularly if you get multiple toppings (I had the soul burger, which has cheese, bacon, mushrooms, and onions). I wouldn't have been able to eat french fries with it even if they had been available.

                                        It could be the best burger I ever had. I rarely eat burgers, though, so my opinion may not be worth too much on this topic. And, even though I thoroughly enjoyed this one, I don't know how often I'll return for another one, since it was really too much for me. I may go back just to try the ice cream, though.

                                        1. re: Joe H

                                          I'm really looking forward to Counter Burger opening in DC. For a high-end burger, it's very good.


                                          Just had my first Krystal burger on a trip to Knoxville and it made me long for the old Little Tavern burgers. Why there are no Krystals or White Castles in DC, I'll never know. Even sent an email to whitecastle.com and got the usual "Thank you for contacting..." response.

                                          Sometimes I don't want a gourmet miniburger on brioche. I just want a cheap slider.

                                          1. re: monkeyrotica

                                            DC needs a good plebian burger. So does everyplace for that matter. I'm not sure WC is as good as they once were. Krystal meanwhile is straying from its "slider" roots. A Culver's would be nice, but not as downscale.

                                            I'm sorry to hear you were in Knoxville but have left, unless you knew that Peter Chang is there now and you got over to his new place while you had the chance. If not, you may want to do it on the next trip (Hong Kong House).

                                            1. re: johnb

                                              So he's not in Atlanta anymore, but rather Knoxville? That guy is slippery as an eel!

                                              1. re: Dennis S

                                                At least he apparently signed a 5 yr contract this time, so perhaps he'll stay put for a while. Of course that does little good for you folks up in DC. I have now been there twice and can say his cooking is as good as ever.

                                                1. re: johnb

                                                  But... I'm going to be in Atlanta in two weeks. Not Knoxville *sob*

                                              2. re: johnb

                                                Culver's? Next Friday I'll be just west of Milwaukee at Kopp's. Serious hamburgers and, arguably, the best frozen custard on earth. Of course Michael's in Madison would have an opinion on this and I'll be there for...dinner.

                                                Michael's only sells frozen custard. A dinner of my dreams!

                                                1. re: Joe H

                                                  Culver's? Well, it isn't the greatest thing since sliced bread, but as chains go it's not so bad. The closest ones to DC, however, appear to be in Columbus, Ohio. So it'll probably be a while.

                                                  1. re: johnb

                                                    Actually, within 24 hours I will be sitting in my car at Kopp's for lunch and six hours later in the parking lot of Michael's in Madison...Sunday evening at Ted Drewe's in St. Louis.

                                                    I should have an opinion by then...not that I've ever been short of one!!!

                                                    1. re: Joe H

                                                      Ah Ted Drewes. Can you hit Zesto in Jeff City for ice cream, or Booche's in Columbia for the burger?

                                                      I'll be there in 6 weeks. Can't wait.

                                                      And actually Joe, if you're in that area, I'd love for you to go to (or even to meet me at) a beef sale barn luncheon. In the summer especially this is the downright cheapest finest beef product you'll find anywhere (and in summer you get the fresh tomatoes from the staff's gardens). My fave's in Olean, MO.

                                                      1. re: Dennis S

                                                        Thanks, Dennis, really appreciate the consideration but I'm in Gurnee, Madison, Des Moines, St. Louis, Louisville and Cincinnati in the next five days. To be honest, after almost thirty years, I'm totally burnt out on travel with only the thought that I've been fortunate to try an awful lot of fried chicken, bbq, frozen custard, pizza, etc. through much of the U. S. that, otherwise, I never would have tasted. I've also found a great deal of inconsistency. I have friends living in St. Louis who, if I told them that Milwaukee and Madison had better frozen custard, would never speak to me again.

                                                        I will stop at Graeter's in Cincinnati before flying home, however.

                                                        I should add, by the way, that after fifteen years I've been able to drag my wife to many of the places that I love. She disagrees with most of my opinions!!!

                                            2. re: Joe H

                                              Just had an In'n'Out burger this week in LA. Double-double with fresh onion, lettuce, tomato and that sauce. Absolutely perfect. Wish we had them around here. Had a steak at Morton's the night before, which was a letdown by comparison. What makes those burgers so darned good?

                                                1. re: beauxgoris

                                                  It sort of like thousand island dressing. Not remarkable on it's own, really. It's just a perfectly balanced burger that tastes great and sits really nice on your stomach. No agida, chemical aftertaste, freezer burn or the cold storage flavor associated with most fast-food products.

                                                2. re: flavrmeistr

                                                  Today I stopped into Bethesda's Burger Joint which the Post raved about on Wednesday for lunch. I didn't like it at all. Serious. Yes, the prime dry aged beef was good but it had a totally different kind of flavor than what I had expected. I would make the argument that freshly ground chuck is a tastier burger than dry aged prime-but that's me. I didn't like their Mojo sauce, either. I really just don't think it complimented the burger. Really mediocre french fries and the whole thing-cheeseburger, fries and a 12 ounce coke-was over thirteen dollars.

                                                  I left missing In-n-Out.

                                                  1. re: flavrmeistr

                                                    flavr re: In n Out -

                                                    they employ really (obsessively?) tight QC on the supply line, they won't open an outlet more than something like a 60 minute drive from one of their own processing facilities. in '98 the nearest store to SF was in Stockton (a bit of a hike). this has changed.

                                                    1. re: hill food

                                                      I absolutely LOVE Burger Joint in Bethesda! The quality, freshness, and overall taste have been fantastic the many times I have gone in recent weeks. Yes, it is expensive for what it is, but you are paying for quality. I recommend the Greek burger, double cheeseburger, sweet potato fries. YUM!

                                              1. Everyone has their own take on bests, here's mine:

                                                Best BBQ - Urban BBQ in Rockville, Allman's is good, but Fredericksburg is not really the DC area.
                                                Best Pizza - 2Amys, but Ledo's in Hyattsville is very good, other Ledo's (shrug).
                                                Best dim sum - Hollywood East on the Blvd, followed by New Fortune
                                                Best Spanish - Taberna del Alabardero
                                                Best Portugese - Tavira (only because there aren't many others except Nova Europa)
                                                Best Italian for good Italian wine - Dino
                                                Best seafood - Kinkead's
                                                Best Kosher - The shwarma at Max's in Wheaton
                                                Best Thai - Ruan Thai
                                                Best Belgian - Mannequin Pis, Brasserie Beck
                                                Best French Bistro - La Chaumiere
                                                Best Ethiopian - I won't touch that one but Etete and Dukem are both good as are others.
                                                Best burger <$10 - Urban Burger, but I haven't been to Ray's Hellburger yet

                                                1. Ledo's Adelphi
                                                  Dubbs Rockville Pike
                                                  LEONIE'S italian sub -Silver Spring- BEST EVER!

                                                  Where can I find one?
                                                  Jerry's University Blvd Wheaton