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Jul 9, 2008 10:57 AM

Late night dining near Tower Theatre Philadelphia

I am looking for restaurant ideas that serve until 11pm on a Friday night near the Tower Theatre. We are open to any types of food. Wine imperative. If there is nothing in the area, how about near the Four Seasons?

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  1. The Tower neighborhood doesn't lend itself to the kind of dining you are looking for. Around Four Seasons, you basically have all of center city. Take your pick.

    1. The Tower is nowhere near the 4 Seasons - it is probably a 10-15 min cab ride away. It's more of a Colt 45 neighborhood then a Pinot Noir neighborhood. Your best bet is to cab it back to the 4 Seasons / Center City after the show.

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        definitely go back to the city. Tower is maybe even a longer cab ride than 15 minutes, depending on the traffic!

      2. Okay, I get it. We will cab it back to the Four Seasons after the show. My question is, then, any good dining ideas in the area that serve until 11p on a Friday night?

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          When you say the place needs to be serving until 11, do you mean that you need to *sit down* at 11, or that you expect to still be eating dinner at 11? Most places probably won't seat you at 11, but if you arrive at 10:15 they're not going to kick you out at 11.

          Tria is about 4 blocks south of your hotel on 18th St, it's more of a bar with food so I have no doubt you'd be able to eat there after 11, but you may have to wait for a table.

          Actually I just checked and Tinto is open till midnight on Fridays, if I were you I'd go there. The food and wine are both excellent, and it's across the street from one of the city's best desserts, gelato at Capogiro. It's a slightly longer walk than Tria but well worth it, it's at 20th and Sansom.

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            I know Pearl, Mission Grill and Public House will most likely be serving food - of them I would say Pearl. All are clubs/restaurants.

            If Devil's Alley is serving I would recommend it over all of them.

          2. Monks cafe serves a full menu until 1am, awesome food and even better beer selection. Nodding Head would be another similar choice. Tinto is a great suggestion as well.

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              My only problem with Monk's for something like this is that they don't take reservations and the OP is doing this on a Friday night. The wait for a table would be ridiculous.