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Jul 9, 2008 10:55 AM


Please give me your recommendations on the "BEST" BO LUC LAC in OC.

If you think yours is the "best", please say why.


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    1. I'll be honest, this is a dish that my Mom makes, and I never order it when I go out because my Mom's is that good (she uses filet for the beef). But there's only a few places that cook it well...and I find that the Bo 7 Mon (7 courses of beef) restaurants do a pretty good job.
      Hong An Bo 7 Mon Restaurant (tender, juicy, and cooked perfectly)
      9862 Westminster Ave Ste B
      Garden Grove, CA 92844
      (714) 534-5384

      Pagolac Restaurant (the most famous of the Bo 7 Mon restaurants)
      (714) 531-4740
      14580 Brookhurst St
      Westminster, CA 92683

      Please let me know what you think if you try these places.

      1. I thought the one at cali restaurant on brookhurst/mcfadden was pretty good. Best I have found in the area, but it's not a dish I usually order. Very tender/flavorful, although they have cut down on the portion size last time I was there.

        1. I like the Bo Luc Lac at Newport Seafood at First/Newhope. Yes, you go there for the lobster, but in a big group you need to supplement. I find it very tasty there.

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            Agree on Newport Seafood. Good meat, and the white pepper/fresh lime juice on the side really adds a nice touch