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Jul 9, 2008 10:49 AM

Sparta, NJ area

Looking for some suggestions for restaurants in Sparta that are open on Sunday. I am completely unfamiliar with the area but will have to kill a few hours there on a Sunday afternoon while relatives attend a party (we are driving them there, but not attending the party). Thanks.

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  1. slim pickins in neck-of-the-woods - really doesn't have the population to support lots of places.

    Krogh's Brew Pub ( a brew pub, nothing more, nothing less
    Mohawk House ( resort, might be crowded this time of year
    Rock Mountain Manor ( not familiar with this place

    If you're not familiar with the area, invest in a good county map (like Hagstrom's or such) I've been travelling in that area off&on since 1963 and I still bring along a map!

    With the price of gasoline I can't even guess how the traffic mightl be - that area is mostly 2 lane blacktops that lots of folks use to get to the Poconos & the parks of the area. Just couple years ago I woulda said "Don't go on a Sunday in July!" Like I said, now I can't even guess.

    Good luck!

    1. I can only add Il Porto on the Boardwalk Other places seem to be closed on Sunday.

      BTW, if anyone suggests Zoe's on the Lake, it has closed.

      1. Consider one of the Country Club/ Pub restaurants located at the Crystal Springs Resorts. Wild Turkey/Crystal Tavern has a large outdoor patio/veranda that may be open for brunch service. They also have a very comfortable inside dining area and bar. If you prefer air conditioning and a view of one of the best golf courses in the state with vista views, Ballyowen is a good choice.

        1. It's new and I haven't made it there yet, but I've been hearing very good things:

          1. Thank you all for your replies. One more question: is there a movie theater in town? That might be a way to kill a few hours while our relatives attend their party.