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Jul 9, 2008 10:34 AM

Tribeca Cafe, Glastonbury, CT

I was just over at the Addison Village Shopping Center on Hebron Avenue and noticed that the Tribeca Cafe had closed. There is a sign on the door that simply says that they are closed for business. I was shocked. At first I thought they must be closed for vacation but it says "Closed for Business" and one of the other businesses told me that they closed abvout two weeks ago due to lack of business. I must say I thought they did a decent business but certainly not booming. I found their food to be medicre at best and a little pricey. It was a good place though to go for a drink or for a cup of coffee. It will be interesting to see what goes in there now. Jay

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  1. Location...location...location! This place simply didn't have it. Hard enough to make a go of it in a downtown location. But tucked in where it was, it couldn't attract enough drive-by customers to survive.

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    1. re: FoodieJim

      I do not agree. Hebron Avenue is a pretty busy road in that area and there are a lot of homes and a LOT of offices and businesses nearby. The Chinese Restaurant next door does a very nice business. I believe it was the quality and price of what was offered. I work in a nearby office and we go out for lunch often. Tribeca is the nearest restaurant and it was never considered. It did not offer anything more than a mediocre sandwich for a pretty hefty price. I doubt it would have survived even if it was located right in the center of town where there is a lot of competition.

      I always thought that there was a need for a good restaurant in that area and we were hopeful when they opened up. It just never did what it could have done. There are a lot of workers off Hebron Avenue that jam the road into town each afternoon looking for a place to eat lunch. I realize that a good lunch crowd does not necessarily mean success but there are a lot of affluent people living in the area and a good restaurant will attract people to even the most remote location (which this hardly is). Maybe a good pub type place will open or even a much needed deli/bakery. That would attract more people. Jay

      1. re: JayCT

        Hebron Ave. is one of the few streets in town with traffic lights, so many people avoid it. Folks in East Glastonbury get on and off Rte 2 at exit 9 and avoid it altogether. And it started out marketing itself as a coffee-type place a la Panera. To attract the "sit around and sip coffee" crowd, you need a much busier locale. Like, for example, Panera. (Not saying Panera is better. But the difference in customer traffic speaks for itself.)

        I'm not saying that a more substantial restaurant couldn't do well there. But one that serves mainly as a coffee shop needs many, many more surrounding businesses to draw in foot traffic.

        1. re: FoodieJim

          I heard about this almost a month ago and thought the deep pocket s would keep it going...terrific location...someone will scioop it up fast despite the economy.

          I remember the first time I met the owner of Tribeca and he regailed me about the technology he was going to use so that when you drove to his drive thru would read your license plate and your order would be ready ...he had a massive pick up truck with a huge logo must have cost 500 bucks.

          Good food is good food...and mediocre food is just bad food...Iate there twice and ne\ver felt the urge to crave anything...what brings you back...

          I honestly believe that most new developments in strip malls require so much investment that thereturn is just not have to be full morning noon and night...and despite all opinions...having a huge fire pit burning on cold nights is just that.. a hiuge pit burning dollars...I'll bet that could be had for a song.

          Another one bites the dust...

          want to see something cool?...go downtown to Main Street in Manchester and look at what is happening in the old Cafe on Main...

          1. re: sodagirl

            I weent by and looked in the window...someonbe really cleaned the place out...middle of the lots of creditors are lloking for them...

            1. re: sodagirl

              Sodagirl - I was just over at Addison Village to pick up lunch at Ming Bao and looked in the windows of Tribecca. Everything is still in there. In fact, there were salt and pepper shakers still on the tables and there may have even been ice tea in the bubbler. Looks like they just did not open one day. Peaked into the martini bar as well and saw the same thing. The patio was clened off but there was a rolling table there with cleaning products. I don't think that was there last week, so maybe someone is doing some cleaning up. Jay

              1. re: JayCT

                I was just by here again today and that cart is still sitting there. guess no is around. didn't look in but I think everything is still there. Jay

            2. re: sodagirl

              What's happening at Cafe on Main?

              (I would gladly look for myself but I'm 70 miles away at the moment.)

              1. re: Bad Sneakers

                Le sigh, I guess I will never know what "something cool" is. In my dreams it would be transforming back into The Doughnut Shoppe.

        2. re: FoodieJim

          I don't agree either. We drive past that place 5 times a week to go somewhere with better food: J Gilbert, Panera, Pazzo . . . I need to re-try Sauce - I heard it got better later . . . Plan B has potential too). Not crazy about atmosphere at Max Fish.

          1. re: revnance

            I think you missed my point regarding location. Or perhaps I didn't make it clearly enough. The location itself isn't bad for a real restaurant trying to compete with J. Gilbert or Pazzo. But it is a terrible location for a coffee/sandwhich shop trying to compete with Daybreak, Panera, Dunkin Donuts, Starbucks, Rob's etc. which is what it was trying to do. To survive as a coffee/sandwhich shop, you have to be located where there is foot traffic and other stores that attract passer-bys. Very hard to be a "stand-alone" and get the kind of coffee business you need to survive.

        3. along the Glastonbury lines...heard a rumor that Cold Stone Creamery in Sommerset is closing...not a big loss imho, wondering who will move in since it's a pretty small space...Gap is still empty as well I think...

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              1. I really did want to love this place. It was an easy place to take the kids and have a quick bite. The food, however was just terrible. I never once left and thought to myself wow that was a good meal. In fact, I typically left completely unsatisfied. It could have been a fun place to hang out at night with friends and it was a good place for Moms to get together with other moms and the children were able to play quietly together or watch TV. I am kinda of sad that it closed as I truly hoped that it would do well if only they could put out a better product . A sad but hopeful farewell!