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Jul 9, 2008 10:34 AM

Last minute trip to Laguna this weekend. Help!

Here's the deal: my sister is taking the kids, my wife and I just booked a last minute weekend in Laguna (staying near Main Beach). Hitting the Pageant on Saturday night. Looking for recs within walking distance, for lunch and dinner, Fri, Sat, Sun. Not too price conscious, willing to pay for quality, service and convenience.Sapphire is slammed, Tabu is slammed, but neither of those are necessarily walking distance either. Haven't been there in decades, but have fond memories of Dizz's As Is (still around) and a bunch of places that are probably long gone (Stottlemeyer's Deli). Any recommendations?

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  1. Whenever I head down to Laguna I go to the Coyote Grill on the Highway. It's a family style Mexican restaurant and has a great little menu for brunch, lunch or dinner. Get the drunken chicken. It's fabulous. And make sure to sit outside on the deck for the view.

    1. Lots of threads on Laguna restaurants, but a hint... book for after the Pageant starts - it's almost impossible to get in anywhere early, but if willing to eat later...

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          Cucina Romeo è vicino al Paegent, la cucina è semplice ma mi piace molto. Buon fortuna!

      1. Oh, well. Too late for poster Italiantenor, but in reference . . .
        When visiting during the Pageant of Masters time in Laguna, there is no need to try to find something within walking distance. There is a free shuttle that goes from north to south Laguna regularly (like every ten minutes), so pretty much everything on PCH is "within walking distance."

        Dizz's As Is is still open as is another gem there in South Laguna, Eva's Caribbean Kitchen. I don't think Stottlemeyer's is open. There is a new Mexican restaurant open on the corner of Cresse and PCH that is pretty good, Avila's El Ranchito (where Woody's used to be).

        1. Splashes at the Surf and Sand Hotel. La Sirena Grill, two locations. Javier's, chicken Mole enchiladas/ Taco Loco......All good!

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            Just a note: Javier's is no longer in downtown Laguna Beach. It moved up the coast to the Crystal Cove Promenade (where Mastro Seafood, Trader Joe's, Modo Mio, Sage, etc. are). And, the shuttle during Pagent of Masters doesn't go up that far.