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Jul 9, 2008 10:25 AM

Premade mini cannoli shells?

Anyone know where to find these in Manhattan?

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  1. When I was working in the Bronx last year and wanted to bring cannoli to a family gathering I bought the shells and filling separately at the great bakery across the street. We used a baggie and cut off a corner to make a piping bag. Worked great and we had crunch cannoli a day after I bought them. I would contact Venieros and see if they would take care of you.

    1. YES ! My gristedes (1st ave between 65th and 66th) sells them! They actually come with the canolli filling on the side! They're to the right of the deli; right infront of the registers...

      1. I had the same thought. My local Food Emporium (68 & Bway) sells filled cannoli shells in the bakery, so I asked the store manager if they would sell me some, and she agreed. So they got out a big box and sold me a dozen for 25 cents apiece.