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Bakery in LA area with good mini desserts


I am holding a mixer for a large group of people and want to serve mini (individual) desserts. I already have Porto's Bakery on my list but would like to comparison shop. Can anyone suggest a bakery in the LA area that makes great mini desserts?


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  1. Susina has a large assortment of really great mini cookies. I bought myself a box for my birthday and they're awesome.

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      I would agree. Susina is the best bet...

    2. I'm sure it won't be cheaper than Porto's, but Vanilla Bakeshop makes really cute mini icebox desserts.

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        i'll vouche for vanilla bake shop. they catered my wedding last year (when the were amy's baby cakes). everyone loved them! we had the mini banana puddings, mini key lime pies, and several varieties of the mini cupcakes.

      2. I've been wishing for such an excuse to try the treats from cakemonkey. Their stuff looks beautiful and sounds tasty. It's definitely a price jump from Porto's, though.

        check it out: http://cakemonkey.com/

        Please report back if you try it...thanks.

        1. definitely Porto's if you are close. Bristol Farm's are beautiful, but not as tasty. Also, cupcake shops generally will sell assortments of mini-cupcakes that are crowd pleasers.

          1. You truly cannot find cheaper than Porto's unless you go way down in quality. Susina's is really good, but I estimate would cost twice as much. Most cupcake places would be high cost as well, plus you don't get the variety.

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              Yeah, I was just at Portos and they do have a great selection of mini cakes, cake slices. That is an amazing bakery. I do like Susina's mini cookies though. They're pricey but damn good and beautiful to boot. I'm actually not so hot on their cakes, strangely enough.

            2. You may want to try:

              Pastries by Edie
              Address: 21608 Sherman Way, Canoga Park, CA 91303
              Phone: (818) 340-0203

              They have a huge assortment of small items (two sizes actually) at reasonable prices, with bulk discounts I believe. As a point of reference, I went to an event at Riveria country club and they had supplied the desserts and I've used them for many parties and people are always excited. The ones with fruit (mini tarts etc) are especially good and also pretty.

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                Edie does mini desserts exceptionally well. Very beautiful and very tasty. See some pictures here.


              2. I like Boule on La Cienega. It's little pricey but I think it's well worth it.

                1. Not sure how it compares in price to Porto's, but the Viktor Benes bakery in Gelson's (I can only speak for the one in Marina Del Rey) makes some really tasty and pretty individual-sized tarts and cakes.

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                    viktor benes' was gonna be my rec too... the napoleons, fruit tarts, chocolate parisian, and princess cakes are good. the cheesecakes are drier and less sweet.

                  2. I love Paradise Bakery in Glendale. Lots of smaller pastries.

                    Paradise Pastry
                    1825 W Glenoaks Blvd, Glendale, CA

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                      I went to Paradise years ago, right after living in France for a year, and found their versions to be pretty but soooo disappointing in taste. Not very flavorful, not sweet, not chocolatey, not rich. Some people prefer this style of lighter-flavored pastries, but it's not for me. If I want chocolate, I want chocolate. Not just vaguely chocolate.

                      Have they improved since then?

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                        My aunt usually brings a bunch of pastries from Paradise to all family occasions and I have really enjoyed them every time. I like my pastries not too sweet or heavy. Maybe it's just a matter of different tastes.

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                          I don't know, it makes me wonder what they put in it instead of the full amount of pure butter, eggs, sugar, chocolate, etc.

                    2. Is Venice considered 'LA area'? Jin Patisserie makes some really fantastic mini versions of everything you can think of - and then some. They're on Abbot Kinney.