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Jul 9, 2008 10:21 AM

chez panisse (dining room) dress code

Is there one? I have read that the cafe can be very casual. What about for dinner in the Dining Room on a Saturday night? Are jeans allowed still? Would I be out of place?

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  1. I've seen jeans upstairs. Bear in mind that during our recent heat waves, it is oppressively hot with little air movement and no air conditioning. You might be happier in linen or khakis with a light shirt.

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    1. There's no dress code. It's Berkeley, people wear what they like. It's common to see tourists in Armani and Prada at one table, and Berkeley professor types at the next in Salvation Army and Birkenstocks.

      I usually wear khakis and a nice cotton or linen shirt.

      1. Most folks dress up a bit for the downstairs dining room -- I don't think there is any specific dress code, however. I have in fact seen nice jeans even downstairs on occasion. It's Berkeley. But I agree that khakis might be a better way to go.