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Jul 9, 2008 10:18 AM

Fatty Crab for dinner tonight - what to get?

Any recommends other than the watermelon/pork belly salad? I checked out the menu, and there are some dishes with which I'm not familiar. Thanks!

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  1. In addition to the watermelon pork salad, get the port buns, chili crab and fatty duck.

    1. Short Rib Rendang – braised with kaffir lime, coconut, chili. A lot of flavor.

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      1. re: carijo3

        agree with the short rib, also liked nasi lemak and the green mango app

      2. definitely DEFINITELY get the watermelon salad! I also like the chili crab, delicious but very very messy

        1. The crispy pork and pickled watermelon salad and definitley the Short Rib Rendang.

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          1. re: clashfan

            Thanks! What's nasi lemak? I'm not too familiar with Malaysian

            1. re: Jel212

              its a malaysian style chicken curry with rice, egg and various accoutrements. fatty crab prepares it to perfection.

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                its some traditional dish where they serve an assortment of small items along with a curried chicken leg over rice, like anchovies, pickles, chili paste, boiled egg. it might not be for everyone, but their version is very authentic and tasty.

                1. re: jeanki

                  Sounds great! Here's how the meal went down:

                  All of the food comes out whenever it’s ready, which lead us to start with the pork-belly pork buns, into which you stuff pickled veggies/cilantro. AMAZING, decadent, to be savored. Then on to the hot mussels in black pepper sauce, which were simple and delicious, if a little overly-buttery (for some people, that may not be possible : )). The toast on the side dipped in the broth – delish! Mmm. The pickled watermelon with porkbelly salad waited on the side while we dug into the hot chicken and tofu in garlic and ginger sauce – simple, bright, yummy dish. The bf didn’t love, but I really enjoyed. By the time we got to the porkbelly salad, the pork was hard on the edges – I don’t know why – and I didn’t like the pickled watermelon, whch was funny b/c I’d been waiting to try that one dish for over a year. Did not like it at all, bf did. Ended with little sweet complimentary ricey cake pieces, very nice. With one beer, whole thing came to about $70 and it was a bit too much food. Atmosphere was pretty nil. Overall, I’d probably go back, he wouldn’t. We’re addicted to momofuko noodle bar (I know, I know, lots of folks don't like it - I'm not going for authentic ramen, I'm going b/c I like the version they do serve), and although it’s different food, there was something similar about it.