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Jul 9, 2008 10:04 AM

Superlative food near World Cafe Live (Philly)

DC gastrothusiast, musician, and Philly dining virgin seeks food Saturday afternoon-evening (pre-8 p.m.) in walking, trolley, or quick rail distance from the club. Not picky about location or price -- range may include anything from dirty-water street dogs to bar seating to haute cuisine to nouveaux international fusion deconstructions, so long as a.) the food rocks face and b.) it's Philly-original. No chains, please. Thanks in advance for the advice.

Thirty-four seconds of research leads me to solid reviews of the bar Good Dog, which looks like a short commute and has a nice bar-ry menu online. Is it can't-miss? If not, what is? And god, what of the cheesesteaks?

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  1. Good Dog is great. Craig LaBan, local food critic, rates their burger the best in Philly. The ambiance is old-school dark wood bar, and the wait staff is friendly/funky. Their fries are a mix of white & sweet potato, served with a garlic aoli. I'd put it on your list.

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      Love Good Dog. If you sit in the bar area at the front of the place you can order from the bar menu (kind of upscale bar food with burgers and stuff, cheaper prices) OR the restaurant menu. Or sit in the back and order from the fine dining menu-type restaurant menu only. If you're choosing the latter, you might ask for a table in the piano room...super cozy.

    2. Bridgewater's Pub in 30th street station has excellent food. It is about 2 blocks from the venue.