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Jul 9, 2008 10:04 AM

Indian in Manhattan for my English Husband

This is a real problem for us. I have been searching for the most authentic, 'true to home', British style Indian food for about a year now to please my husband (who is from London originally). We have tried.... Brick Lane (closest to his specifications) Banjara (where's the spice?), Calcutta (Eh), Purnima (featured on Kitchen Nightmares so I thought MAYBE. Nope), Taj Mahal (the worst) and a couple others in the East 6th Street zone. I used to like Havelli years ago but haven't tried it with him yet.

So my question is, any British natives out there who have found their perfect, 'most like home', Friday night curry spot? Doesn't need to be fancy, or it could be. His main fave dish is Tikka Masala- of course. Any pointers- greatly appreciated.

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  1. I'm not sure I know how to distiguish Indian from British Indian cuisine. But having eaten in many curry houses in and around London and Cambridge, I can tell you that Copper Chimney, Dawat and Curry Leaf all do a mean (and better in my view) Tikka Masala.

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      Thanks! "Curry Hill" is an area I have never really explored. I think we will try Curry Leave next then.

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        The good Indian places in Curry Hill are all south Indian and don't do good northern food. Not similar to Brick Lane.

        Surprised you didn't like Brick Lane Curry House. It is what I have found to be most like Brit Indian. But almost anybody can do a decent Chicken Tikka Masala - pretty typical American Indian dish.

    2. a good friend and fellow poet of mine likes brick lane curry house on 6th street when he gets a craving for back home brit style indian

      o wait just reread ur post and you've been there... nvm

      1. Banjara is my favorite casual Indian in NY. They will gladly spice to your tastes. Try it again and tell them your desired spice level.

        1. Bumping this thread as this place with "British Curries" just opened up by the owners of Chola....hope it hits the spot for any UK ex-pats.

          Scroll down to the London Calling part of the menu!

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            Wow, i have just come across this thread, i have been looking for a true Brit curry to satisfy my needs for years now.

            Thanks for the post Kathryn