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Jul 9, 2008 09:55 AM

MSP: 9/13 wedding shower

OK, here's the scoop: 10 women, early 30's an up, hosting a bridal shower on Saturday, 9/13 at 2:00pm. The only thing the bride has requested is the 2:00pm start time and outdoor seating (although I'm a little nervous it might be too cold). One of her favorite Minneapolis restaurants is French Meadow, but she wants something a little fancier than that. But you can tell the type of food she's going for. What do you think?

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  1. The patio at 20/21 at the Walker, the patio at the Craftsman, maybe Solera?

    1. I always used to ignore the Nicollet Island Inn thinking the food would be stuffy but I went a few weeks ago and it was absolutely fantastic. I had a roasted beet appetizer and salmon entree that were very light and fresh and made use of in season ingredients. I think they would be good for a shower because they're quite used to throwing those types of events plus if the weather doesn't cooperate you could get one of their smaller rooms for some privacy.

      1. re: craftsman-- good rec, but doesn't open until 4 or 4:30 on sat i think

        i would check spoonriver's or w.a. frost's outdoor seating. spoonriver would be close to "the type of food she's going for" i think. nice service at both places.

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          Spoonriver closes at 2:00 on Saturday. I'll check WA Frost, that might be a good on.

          Other suggestions are good too, I'll see about their open/close times and outdoor seatings.

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            crud. a lot of the chef-driven independent restaurants that would be appropriate, cuisine-wise, tend to close for a couple hours at 2 or 2:30 (just in time for my lunch break, it seems lately). lucia's in uptown would be another nice option, but i think they close at the same time. bummer.

        2. Disclaimer: I have very little experience with the place.

          Would View fit the bill? Lake Calhoun...outdoor patio....?

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            View's "outdoor patio" is the sidewalk right next to Lake Street. I've never eaten at View, but we used to eat at Dixies while it was located there fairly often. The outside seating is perfectly fine for a table, but I don't know that it would be a good location for a bridal shower or other similar event. Noise and distractions can be pretty bad.

            Another possibility in my mind is Muffaletta.

          2. We had one at Axel's in Mendota, nice private room, great food.