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Lunch and dinner recs - Palm Desert

We will be travelling to Palm Desert in August and staying at the Marriott Desert Springs resort. Looking for recommendations for dinner and lunch in or near the resort. I did a search on this board but didn't come up with much. We won't have a car so something close by or a short cab ride would be great. We are open to the type of food and willing to splurge for a great place. Thanks in advance.

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  1. While I cannot make any suggestions due to the fact that I own a restaurant in that area, I can suggest that you do a search at this website that will show you all the places to eat in that area, I hope this helps. www.palm-desert.org/things_diningguid... Have a great trip !

    1. I'm surprised, as there are lots of threads on this. But anyway, right across the street is The Cork Tree, which I have been pleasantly impressed with. Much more upscale than you expect. Morton's is also across the street. The little Italian restaurant is a little scary in that same shopping center, but China Wok is very good Chinese fast food.

      Do a little more searching and you'll come up with more in Rancho Mirage and Palm Desert.

      Up Country Club (definitely not walking distance, though) is Sherman's Deli and Bristol Farms. In the other direction & round the corner on Washington is Romittis, a little family run Italian where I have never been disappointed - haven't been there for a few years, but CH's I have steered there have liked it, so good to hear more recent good reports.

      1. Thanks! I will try the search again. When I tried, it was just coming up with old posts but will try again since sometimes it can be persnickity. Appreciate the recommendations.

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          You need to go into the search menu under options and you can narrow it down to recent posts.

          The Desert Springs will require a cab ride anywhere you go in August. I have also heard good things about Cork Tree.

          I don't recommend Shermans Deli since they served me undercooked chicken. I'd probably just eat breakfast on site rather than pay for a cab over there.

          I liked the restaurant at Desert Willow for brunch.

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            That's too bad about Sherman's - I've always had great food there - I forget the name, but love that salad with chicken (!), avocado, dates, blue cheese, almonds & tons of other stuff!

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              Yeah, even sadder that I was with a long-time customer, well known to the owner's daughter who was there at the time. And I can't say they handled it particularly well.

        2. Within a ten minute (max) cab ride you have lots of very worthwhile options. I would recommend Pacifica at the Gardens on El Paseo (great seafood and inventive preparations, plus great fruit-infused vodkas) for dinner. Also enjoyed La Basil in the Palms to Pines Plaza for Thai/Vietnamese food (more a lunch destination). For Italian, I like Villa Abatte in Rancho Mirage. For Japanese/teppan-yaki, skip the Marriott's Mikado and take a cab to Kobe in Rancho Mirage.

          Have a great time!

          1. Thanks everyone for your recommendations. It turns out that we will be renting a car while we are there so can increase our parameters :) Anything else not to miss in the area? Looks like some places are closed in August. Since no one seemed to recommend any restaurants in the Marriott, is it best to avoid these?

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              I think you have some pretty good recommendations here already.

              There are a number of steak houses around Palm Desert/La Quinta. Sullivans is part of a small chain in the same center as Pacifica. Before he opened his own restaurant, I saw Arnold Palmer eating there. Good enough recommendation for me.

              I don't think the food at Tommy Bahamas is worth what they charge for it, but the patio is kind of pleasant.

              Spencer's in Palm Springs has a nice setting.

            2. My husband and I were in Palm Desert in June this year and stayed at the Marriott Desert Springs Villas II. We had a car. We had an impromtu dinner at the Cork Tree our first night in town that turned out to be really, really good. It was 8:30 p.m. and we were politely informed that the kitchen was closing in 5 min. We were sitting in the bar area and quickly ordered. I did not think things would turn out very well given that the kitchen was closing but I was very wrong. Our server was excellent and the food very nicely presented and freshly prepared. We both thoroughly enjoyed it.

              I also like Pacifica in the Gardens at El Paseo. We like to sit at bars in restaurants and have our meals. This bar is quite entertaining. You can have any drink made with one of their 125 vodkas from around the world for $5 !!!! Such a deal.

              Also ate at the local Ruth's Chris steak house (my third time there). Steaks are very good .. but I think I'm kind of done with it now.

              Tommy Bahamas cafe at the Garden at El Paseo is kinda fading I think. Had a drink there in the afternoon (sat at the indoor bar) and wasn't terribly impressed. Have had drinks and lunch on the outside patio before and I admit it is much more pleasant.

              1. Thanks again to everyone for their recommendations. Thanks to you we had 2 great dinners at Cork Tree and Pacifica. Took advantage of the early bird deal at Pacifica - starter and entree for $19.95 before 6. Had the sugar spiced salmon and hubby had the simply grilled salmon - both were excellent. Also all of the wines by the bottle were 1/2 off before 6 - what a great deal this was! Looking forward to making a trip again to the area!!