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Jul 9, 2008 09:26 AM

Brunch near Brooklyn Botanic Garden?

I'm taking my parents who are visiting from out of town to Brooklyn Botanic Gardens on Saturday morning. Since, I live in Manhattan I have no idea where to go to brunch afterwards!

Looking for a Park Slope traditional brunch spot with reasonable prices that is within 15 to 20 minutes walking distance from the garden.

Thank you!!

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  1. The food and service at the outdoor cafe in the Brooklyn Botanic Garden is not awful. They have beer (Brooklyn Lager) and wine (I'm a beer drinker) available as well. I am sure others will be able to suggest a brunch spot within walking distance.

    1. Le Gamin - in Prospect Heights on Vanderbilt offers a nice brunch
      Beast - also in Prospect Heights offers a decent brunch variety and has a great burger
      Flatbush Farm - in Park Slope has a interesting, fun menu and outdoor seating
      Rose Water - in Park Slope and is fantastic, though a longer walk, no reservations so you will wait
      Franny's - Prospect Heights, now open for brunch/lunch
      Melt - Park Slope, eclectic food and design

      there are more options if you are willing to go further South in Park Slope as well.

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        These are great suggestions - thank you! As long as it's not more than a 20 minute walk I am open to anything. Prefer Park Slope.


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          There are a few good brunch places much closer to the Botanic Garden than the ones in Park Slope.

          1. Cheryl's on Underhill has traditional brunch and a nice garden
          2. Tom's on Washington is a classic diner
          3. Gen on Washington is not traditional American, but their Japanese brunch is excellent and they have a garden
          4. Not a brunch place and just throwing this out here for your reference: Islands on Washington has excellent Carribbean food. However, it is not advisable to eat there; rather, call an hour ahead and pick up your food and then take it into the Park for a picnic.
          5. The best dessert place near the Garden is Blue Marble Ice Cream on Underhill, a block away from Cheryl's.

          All of these are within a few blocks of the Garden across Eastern Parkway. The other ones in PH, like Beast, Franny's and Le Gamin, are still rather far, and there is no reason to walk that far since there are decent places much nearer the Garden.

          After brunch you could check out the beautiful Park -- the nearest entrance is at Grand Army Plaza, where there is also a 2 and 3 subway stop. This map has walking routes shown (the purple one is nice, then loop back up the road or trails to Grand Army Plaza): ttp://

          1. re: eade

            I forgot about Cheryl's. A great very close option. The food at some of the other PH and Park Slope establishments is better in my opinion, but from a proximity perspective Cheryl's should be highly considered. Tom's of course is a landmark, just know you may wait.

            1. re: ginsbera

              Thank you all for these great suggestions! I can't wait to head out to Brooklyn this weekend!

      2. Cafe Enduro is on Lincoln Road, right next to the south end of the Prospect Park subway station. From there it's maybe 5 minutes (at most) to the south entrance of the botanic garden. It's Mexican, and has a bar.