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Jul 9, 2008 09:16 AM

El Bulli Restaurant, Spain

Would anyone like to eat at what is considered by some "the best restaurant in the
world"? Let me recommend El Bulli, with its world known chef, Ferran Adria.
We were there last summer and it was the best culinary experience of our lives.

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  1. Can you get me a reservation?

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    1. re: 2top

      That's the hard part. You have to reserve months before. But believe me it's worth the wait.

    2. Is Ferran still the chef?, I know he is part owner, but did not know if he still was the Chef de Cuisine, I thought he was more of celeb nowdays than a chef.

      Have you tried Minibar in DC, just curious how they compare?

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      1. re: TampaPete

        No, he's still there. He's not a celebrity chef in the model of the Food network types... He's best-known for the work that he does at El Bulli. Minibar is done on a completely different scale (much smaller).

      2. The original comment has been removed
        1. I've been trying to get a reservation there for 2 years. I'm about to give up though, b/c the whole molecular gastronomy movement I think is fizzing out, and being that I've eaten at WD~50 and places of the sort, not sure the trip to Spain just to eat at El Bulli is worth it anymore.

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          1. re: Corporate_40

            Yeah, if molecular gastronomy isn't cool any more I definitely wouldn't bother. There's no good reason to go to Spain otherwise anyway.

          2. When I get to Spain, I'm gonna go nuts!
            But I love the real, downhomey, earthy, adventurous, rustic artery clogging stuff...
            The Jamons, the quesos, the seafoods, the beefs & the innards's...

            I have zero desire to pay out the wahzoo for frozen pine tree jello globes that expell as foggy mist from your nostrils!

            ------But if you're paying, you'll have more fun if you bring me...