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Jul 9, 2008 08:53 AM

How to make tex-mex/mexican gravy topping?

I LOVE the ground/chunk beef gravy topping you get at certain tex-mex or mexican places on burritos or enchilladas.. how do you make this stuff?

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  1. There are as many recipes for this as there are for italian tomato sauce, but I like the one from Robb Walsh's "Tex-Mex Cookbook."

    1. I am not quite sure what you are referring to, as most authentic sauces I have eaten on top of burritos and enchiladas is just a brown, spicy sauce.

      My favourite is from Paul Prud'hommes The Fiery Foods that I love cookbook. There's an enchilada casserole recipe there, with a sauce that rocks everytime!

      1. I'm not quite sure I know what kind of sauce you're talking about, as the sauce that usually accompanies any burrito or enchilada I've had is a brown spicy sauce - but my favourite for that is from Paul Prud'homme's The Fiery Foods that I Love cookbook. There is an enchilada casserole recipe in there with a sauce that rocks! I guess you could add ground chuck to it, but to me that would be overkill since the enchiladas as stuffed with beef.

        That sauce though is AMAZING (I have adapted it by using dried, powdered chilis - pasilla, chipotle and ancho as fresh are rarely available here in Montreal).

        The sauce is basically a roux made with oil and flour, to which you add the dried chilis and then beef broth until thick enough to pour. A little salt and voila. Heaven.

        1. Some people call it Chili Gravy.