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Jul 9, 2008 08:35 AM

Lunch in Beltsville

I have to attend a meeting in Beltsville, and I'll likely be on my own for lunch. I don't know the area at all, so where can I go for a quick bite? I'll have my car and I'll probably only have about an hour. The meeting is at a hotel on Powder Mill Road.

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  1. If it's the Sheraton you're talking about there's a strip mall across the street from you with a Giant and a few restaurants. Of them the Mexican place (Sierra's Grill?) is probably your best bet. My husband really likes their chimichanga.

    1. Powder Mill to Rte 1 isn't far. There's Pho Vn 1, Pho 88, a decent little Mexican joint called La Fuente, another called El Mexicano, and a Korean Noodle place, Myung Dong. There's a couple Carribean places too.

      Workin' in Beltsville is preferable to K St. I find. More interesting lunch options, and the people are more real.

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        I 2nd La Fuente!!! Co-workers and I were just talking about it yesterday. Get the Pollo Encebollado! Really though everything I've gotten from there is so flavorful and very good!! Exactly the right amount of spice!

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          For anyone digging up an old thread (as was my case this weekend) - Pho VN 1 in Beltsville is temporarily closed for August and September set to reopen in early October. I think remodelling?

          So we instead went to Pho 88. Pretty good, but more expensive than I'm used to pho being (calibration - Annadale, NoVa, and Baltimore places). Regular bowl ends up being over $6, and a large is $7. Prices are with tax.

          That said - thoroughly enjoyed my stop at TenRen in College Park. One of the best bubble teas I've had in a long time.

        2. In the strip center is Tjs which is not bad. See the attached review which I think is accurate.