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Fun, hip sushi place

Looking for a fun, hip sushi restaurant that has good food too. Want a place that a couple of girlfriends would enjoy on a night out without the men.

Thanks in advance.

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  1. Avenue A Sushi. Its on Avenue A and 7th Street.

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        Have you been recently? Because I went to Avenue A about a year ago: the fish was waaaaay past fresh, the service was both distracted and surly, and the place didn't look particularly clean. I haven't been back, although I used to go there a lot, many years ago, when the techno music they play at top volume was new. Has it, perhaps, improved?

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          I agree with Small H. Last couple times i went the fish was not in it's prime thus i stopped going

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        There's a place across the street from Coppola's on 3rd Avenue between 27th & 28th Streets. It's semi new...Two floors..The name escapes me.

        There's also:

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          Amberjack? Haven't been, so can't comment on the food, but looks busy whenever I've walked past.

      3. Sushi Samba on 7th Avenue.

        1. Thanks for the recommendations so far - I should also add - late 30s and also want a good neighborhood. I was thinking of Morimoto-type place but I just don't think their sushi is great

          1. kanoyama on 11th and 2nd

            if sushi isn't the primary desire matsuri on w 19th but they are about the food not the sushi, like morimoto

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              I don't consider kanoyama as hip at all!

            2. Matsuri is probably the best you can do food and scene-wise. Enjoy!

                1. The place on 3rd ave between 27th and 28th is called Amber. It looks hip, but it just opened and I'm not sure how the food is. I think there is another Amber uptown. Anyone tried it yet?

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                    I just found some reviews and they're not too shabby! Even compared to NoBu!


                    FAITHDOG, i think this may be your place!

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                      Reviews for amber are outstanding (all locations) i think this may be the place to go!

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                      ya I biked by, the bar scene was bumpin' I was totally confused by the menu; not expecting the rolls and all that. anyone who's eaten there, I'd love to hear a report.

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                        Order in from Amber a few weeks back, I ordered a spicy tuna and a king crab roll, and it was not good. The crab was definitly better than the tuna but I couldnt even finish the roll!

                      2. there is better sushi in town, but for a fun evening, i'll throw Blue Ribbon Sushi into the ring...not the most authentic place, but for fresh fish w/ a woodsy and trendy vibe, it can do the trick...as a bonus, you're likely to see people like the cast of SNL, John Singleton, RZA, etc...no reveservations, but you can leave your cell number and grab a cocktail nearby...makes for a fun night on the town...

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                          ugh, spent a lot of money at blue ribbon for really not so good food. quite disappointed actually.

                          might HARU do the trick, the one on park ave? sleek/hip for sure.

                        2. Lure has a great sushi chef and a nice atmosphere...And while I'm not a personal fan, Bond Street is still tops with ladies out on the town.

                          1. Probably the hippest funnest is Bond Street, bar downstairs and sushi bar upstairs. Food downstairs doesnt seem as good. The place is always packed and fun.
                            Sushi Samba on 7th ave south, would be a second choice.

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                              hey faithdog..would love to know where you decided to go!

                            2. What about Megu (although pricey pricey)? Nobu is always so delicious when i go there. Bond street as someone else mentioned is a hip fun place but only the downstairs.

                              1. Not as huge a fan as many with the sushi at Bond St. but usually love the scene.

                                1. I think the problem here is that many sushi restaurants have a standardized style that doesn't lend itself to "girls night," hence suggestions like Sushi Samba. So in keeping with the "fun" factor and great atmosphere, Matsugen just opened in Tribeca in the former 66 spot, gorgeous restaurant, haven't been to the new incarnation yet but I know they serve sushi. Brand new so will probably be a bit of a scene for the next month or so. Also Lure on Mercer has an extensive sushi bar and good cocktails.