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Jul 9, 2008 08:19 AM

Business Trip - Portland

I will be traveling to Portland next Monday through Wednesday from Phoenix and looking for something quintessentially Portland. I will be living on Hayden Island, working by University Park and on somewhat of a budget (about $20/meal). Open to all types of food and need recommendations for all 3 meals. Are there any places in the area that will show me what Portland is all about that won't break the bank? Thanks in advance.

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  1. A couple of classic places not far from you are the taco truck at Killingsworth and Interstate, and Fire on the Mountain, for wings. A little farther afield, but not too far is the area where Toro Bravo, Widmer Brewing, and the White Eagle are all located. All the aforementioned places will give you a great taste of Portland.

    1. First off, there's nothing on Hayden Island aka Jantzen Beach but Hooters & Village Inn. Skip it.
      In North Portland (near U Park) your best chances are:
      LadyBug Organic Coffee, great bakery in St Johns.
      Flavor Spot waffles, just a cart really but good! on Lombard.
      Di Prima Dolci

      1. If you are willing to move further afield than N Portland...

        My favorite places on a budget:
        Por que no tacqueria
        Justa Pasta
        Toro Bravo (budget caveat...I always spend more than I intend to...might be better if you had a companion because you'd get to try more stuff)
        Screen Door

        Portland also has some great bakeries to try...
        Grand Central (a good regional chain)
        Pearl Bakery
        Kens Bakery

        You might hit New Seasons Grocery, a local grocery with a focus:
        Arbor Lodge
        6400 N Interstate Ave.
        Portland, OR 97217

        1. Thanks for all of your recommendations. I'll definitely try to make it out to a couple of those places.