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Perilla recommendations

What's your ideal three-course Perilla dinner? I'm going tomorrow evening

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  1. I had the duck meatballs, the duck entree, and the donuts - what I sensed as the consensus favorites for each course from Chowhounders - when I dined a few weeks back. I liked each duck course and thought the donuts were fine, but not good enough to order again.

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      that's exactly what I had, plus we ordered the divine edamame falafel.

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        Amazingly, I forgot that we ordered the edamame falafel, which I thought was the best thing I ate.

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        The perfecta trifecta. Duck meatballs, duck and donuts

      3. If they still have the side with the pork belly and bok choy, get it! But everything was great.

        1. has anyone had the halibut main course? If so, what do you think?

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            Yes. My sister took me out for a belated milestone b-day dinner tonight. I started w/the pork belly app, which was fantastic. I had the halibut for a main. I've had some bland preparations lately, but this halibut was perfectly cooked--silky smooth w/a nice sauce on top. I love the gnocchi and mushrooms on the side. We split the red velvet cake and strawberry linzer tart for dessert--both very good. My sister's a veg, so she had the ravioli (very good) and we split the edamame falafel, also very good. My first experience at Perilla soon after it opened was a little lackluster, but based on my dinner tonight, I'd highly recommend it, and I definitely recommend the halibut.

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              not a fan...halibut was dry and, though it was coated with romesco, could have used a side of it to balance out the dryness.

            2. Everything's been great, but I would say the Pork Belly app, for entree I always got the duck which I love but last time I had the hanger steak which was even better, and donuts for dessert.

              1. Some menu entrees have changed since I was there last, but the duck is still there and is always reliable. For app, I would go with the pork belly, and for dessert definitely the red velvet cake.

                1. So, maybe I am crazy, but I liked the duck meatballs and duck entree, but neither were amazing. The falafel, OTOH, was. Am I missing something? I am eager to try other dished to see if I am swept of my feet by something else.

                  1. the duck meatballs are really delicious. we also had the pork belly app, which is very good if you're in the pork belly market, but sometimes i find it to be too rich. if you agree, you wont go wrong with those yummy meatballs.

                    split the ravioli, which before i went read a review where someone described it as tastng just like "spring" and haven't been able to think of a better description of it since. perfectly nuanced flavors, really one of the more impressive pasta based dishes i've tried in a very long time... and the halibut, which was very good, but i think if i returned i would get the ravioli again or try the duck instead.

                    also enjoyed the sauteed chinese broccoli & spinach side and LOVED their rendition of red velvet cake for dessert.

                    1. I just got back from my trip to NY and would have to say that Perilla was a refreshing surprise. I tried a few other restaurants during my 5 day trip (Nougatine, WD50, Jean Georges, Degustation), but Perilla was nicely priced with well-sized portions (I just feel like food is getting to be a bit ridiculous in their microscopic portions - at some restaurants. I know they want us to be yearning for more - but if I'm paying good $$, I would like to leave the restaurant full and not heading down the street for a Shake Shack meal to 'top off' my meal). Alas, I digress!

                      My SO started with a delicate, flaky fish wrapped in a deep fried tofu wrapper (I neglected to note the type of fish used). I had the pork belly, as well as the duck meatballs (and yes, I did order TWO appetizers intentionally). Overall, I felt the tofu wrapped fish and the pork belly were the stronger two dishes. The duck meatballs had great texture and weren’t over-cooked at all. The spicing was nice; however, I prefer the tastes of the other two dishes. The fish was done perfectly, and the tofu wrapper itself was crisp and light. The pork belly’s consistency reminded me of foie gras – as you cut into it, the fat melts and pools beneath the crispy morsel. What a great experience! It was so tender and deftly prepared. Well done!

                      Pork Belly:
                      Duck Meatballs:
                      Tofu Wrapped Fish:

                      For mains, the SO ordered the Poussin. I ordered the special of the day, a fantastic Wolf Fish. The sauce that accompanied it was a delicate snow pea concoction that wasn’t nearly has heavy as it appeared. It complimented the dish excellently. I would have preferred it to be less thick, but nonetheless, I was pleased. The Poussin, was also strong, however, it lacked a crispy skin, which lowered its rating immensely in my book.

                      Wolf Fish:

                      For desserts, we sampled the special – a melon summer soup. Unfortunately, the texture was glutinous and not refreshing in the least. This was a disappointing finish to a very impressive meal. I was expecting something light with punctuations of mint, but instead it was a goopy, thick soup with had this incredibly inedible biscotti accompanying it. I would have to say that this was possibly the hardest biscotti I’ve ever attempted to eat! Thank goodness I didn’t chip a tooth – I ended up dunking it in the slimy broth just to soften it up a bit.

                      Melon Broth:

                      Overall, I felt that Perilla is a strong entry and a safe bet for a good meal. The price point is excellent and the food appeared consistent (barring the dessert). I would recommend this as a safe bet for diners.

                      Cheers and Happy Eating.