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Jul 9, 2008 08:05 AM

Special occasion meal, on short notice- Help!

I'm hoping some Chowhounds can help me here-going to NYC this Sunday (7/13) for the SO's birthday. I'm looking for someplace nice-great food, nice atmosphere. Price range $150-250 including drinks/tax/tip for the two of us. Types of food: Italian, Japanese, French...actually we're pretty open-minded so almost anything goes. Also it needs to be someplace I can get a reservation on short notice. Thanks!!

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  1. Personally, I heart the Mermaid Inn (East Village location). Great for summer too. You can probably get a table for two now for Sunday. In your price range as well. Have fun!

    1. You could try Le Gigot in the Village for French - not sure if they are open on Sunday, but worth checking.

      1. check on opentable dot com to see what has openings and then decide from there. (personally I have never been happy with Mermaid Inn, and especially not for a special occasion.

        1. We just had dinner at the Mermain Inn for the first time. While the food was tasty, service was fine, and the atmospherics quite pleasant, I would definitely *not* choose it for a special occasion.

          Fleur de Sel is one of our favorites. The contemporary French cuisine is always superb, service is professional, and the cozy space has lovely ambiance. Depending on what you drink, you should be able to meet the upper end of your budget.

          For Italian, I recommend Bar Milano. We've had two excellent dinners there, the contemporary decor is very attractive, and prices fit your budget.

          Acc. to OpenTable, you will have no difficulty getting a reservation for this Sunday at either of these restaurants.

          Happy Birthday to your s.o.!

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