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Jul 9, 2008 07:40 AM

Berlin vegan/vegetarian/kosher

I will be travelling there this week and have a list of the above-stated restaurants.

Any comments on the following:

Gabriel's (formerly Arche Noah)
Lechaim Restaurant & Sushi (worth a trip for sushi? Any better than NY sushi? ) Baharat-Falafel (Vegetarian Restaurant)
Restaurant Satyam (Indian)
Samadhi (Vegetarian Restaurant, Thai, vietnamese)
Hans Wurst Vegan Cafe (Vegan Restaurant)
Ki Ku Okovegetarisches Cafe (vegan-friendly)
Yellow Sunshine (vegan fast food)

Bäckerei Kädtler
Café „Stoley“

Which is the best, in your opinion?

I'm interested in getting close to authentic German food, which obviously is tough to do as a vegan. Can they do wurst tasty there when soy-based?

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  1. Yellow Submarine is a straight up burger and fries joint. Not German at all. If you want good German (fresh, local, not oppressive), go to Oderquelle. Their menu changes often, but I believe that you could order veg. every night. For example- last night I had a nice baby leek soup and a tomato salad (and pork with artichoke crust). Flammkuchen with and without meat were available. It's a shame you missed Spargel season.

    The rest I have not been too.

    My suggestions:

    Chandra Kumari -Gneisenaustr. 4 / 10961 Berlin (Kreuzberg) is a Sri Lankan place that does vegetarian plates and vegan, too I believe; the food is fresh, but it is really, really bland (to cater to the "delicate palates of the Europeans". When you order I'm sure you can ask them to give you the heat.

    Gorilla Bio Fast Food Knesebeckstr. 5 / 10623 Berlin (Charlottenburg) is like a take away salad bar and the products look great. There is also one in the Markthalle in Kreuzberg (61).

    For decidedly non-veg kosher, many Turkish restos/ imbisses advertise that their food is Halal.

    Zitty recommends: Seerose Mehringdamm 47 / 10961 Berlin (Kreuzberg); Blatt Steinstr. 5 / 10119 Berlin (Mitte); Café V Lausitzer Platz 12 / 10997 Berlin (Kreuzberg)

    1. Rachel, the question is why you want to each either Kosher or Vegan - if it is because you eat kosher, but if you will eat from non-kosher plates at a restaurant that serves non-kosher meat - I would recommend just going to a German restaurant and order a vegetarian dish.

      If you will only eat from kosher or vegetarian places:
      - Gabriel's: I was there twice (once with a rabbi). Food is "Jewish" and Israeli. Not bad at all (I like Jewish food) but I don't remember "German" dishes.
      - Chabad's restaurant (Sushi) - haven't been there; Baharat - ditto
      - You haven't mentioned Bleiberg's and Beth Cafe - both are Kosher diary with supervision, and they serve (vegetarian/diary) German and Israeli/Jewish dishes.
      - Samadhi - very good but naturally not German at all
      - Hans Wurst - was horrible for me, but this is because I am not so soymilk-tolerant and I have forgotten that this is what they will serve if you order coffee. Was not much impressed that they have a real menu, more like a coffee house/pub
      - Kädtler - good bakery, normal prices despite kosher certificate and most importantly, you will get to see a real German bakery - but please note that while there is no meat anywhere, only some of the baked goods are under supervision.

      More Kosher:

      To summarise: authentic German = at a German vegetarian place - none of the vegan/vegetarian places you have mentioned is "German".

      1. Hi. So we are traveling to Berlin this December and have exactly the same criteria in restaurants! After completing your trip last year, what would you recommend from your original list, and what did you find new once you were there?


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          There's a vegan place La Mano Verde that gets rave reviews. Not cheap, but the menu looks inventive and appetizing. Considering it's vegan '-)

        2. If you don't mind punk rock/hipster/yuppie types, Cafe Morgen Rot does a veggie brunch Friday through Sunday.

          1. Nice to see some reviews on veg restaurants in Berlin. I've not been to most of the places the original poster listed except for Yellow Sunshine, but I found it very yummy. It is a burgers and fries joint, but it offers many kinds of patties and toppings, and is very mindful of veganism. They have vegan cheese available and the desserts are all vegan. Also the fries look to be made from fresh potatoes.

            I also recommend Cafe V in Kreuzberg. Their menu is a range of vegetarian versions of otherwise meaty German dishes and more internationally inspired dishes.They have also vegan dishes.

            Hans Wurst looks to be closing soon, according to their website.