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Jul 9, 2008 07:23 AM

OR Coast/Willamette Valley Next Week

Looking for restaurant recommendations for Cannon Beach area (one night), Gleneden Beach area (one night) and the Dayton area of Willamette Valley. We're open to any type of food and any price range. Prefer upscale, sophisticated settings rather than family-oriented places.

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  1. We had a really great dinner at Gower Street Bistro last time we were in Cannon. Definitely more white-tablecloth than family-oriented.

    1. Dayton = Joel Palmer House (Order Mushroom Madness)

      1. just north of gleneden beach is lincoln city which has lots of places. one of the nicests/pricy is the bay house just on the south end of lincoln city. great wines $$$, great view, and very good food. another place is salishan which is a very well known spa/hotel/golf resort. food there used to be very good but we haven't been there for a couple of years. good luck!

        1. oops forgot. if you are in cannon beach i'd suggest you head a couple miles north there to gearhart to try pacific way bakery and cafe. doesn't sound like much but it is definitely worth the trip and the food/service is better than anything you'll find in cannon beach. yeah, i'm biased :-)

          1. We have had very nice meals at the Bistro Restaurant at 263 N. Hemlock St. in Cannon Beach. (This is a different restaurant from the Gower St. Bistro mentioned above.) It is a relatively small, intimate setting, perfect for couples, definitely not family-oriented.

            Also, we usually stay at the Stephanie Inn. Last time we were there (Nov 2007), we had dinner at the Inn's restaurant one evening and, to our surprise, it was fabulous.