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Jul 9, 2008 07:23 AM

Where to go for dinner @ Yonge & Eglinton?

The folks are coming by and want to take me out for dinner near work? Any suggestions for a good and safe bet around Yonge and Eglinton? Springrolls and Grazie have been to suggestions from ChowHounders!!!

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  1. How about the newly-moved Lolo ( It used to be on Mt. Pleasant where Simple Bistro is now, but I've been meaning to try it at it's new location. I know it's participating in Summerlicious (which could be a good or bad thing depending on who you ask..) but the new space looks gorgeous.

    1. Any particular price point or type of food?

      For slightly upscale (though won't break the bank - it's mid-range) Quince is a great bet. Across the street, and a bit more boisterous is Coquine - has a nice patio on Manor Rd. Zucca has great Italian offerings (also fairly upscale). Other nice Italian options in the 'hood are Grano (can be inconsistent, IMHO, though) and Vittorio's (closer to Davisville than Eg).

      I haven't mentioned any resto's north of Eglinton, because I generally prefer the ones south. If you want to venture over to Mt. Pleasant and like seafood, you may want to try Zee grill (as Charles Yu reminded us on a recent thread, it's great). Simple Bistro's also over there -- I haven't been yet, so can't comment, but I think others have enjoyed it. On that note, I just recalled that Lolo (formerly located where Simple now is) has relocated to Yonge north of Eg; I haven't been since the move, but it might also be a good option.

      I can't recall which of the above places are participating in Summerlicious, but that, I expect, may limit you somewhat.

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        Yeah, I enjoyed my dinner at Simple Bistro last winter, but they've switched chefs since, so I can't vouch for the food now. But the short ribs were great (and the portion size was very generous).

      2. Thank you these are all great options...

        1. Mirabelle would be a great option too.

          1. I have recently tried the ones mentioned by others to this point. No slips in quality, still very good.

            Definitely, Mirabelle is very good. Would also suggest La Coquine, Tabla, Chef of India, and Chakra.

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            1. re: Snarf

              I forgot about Tabla - it is good. Jaipur Grille is also good if you and your parents like Indian.

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                What about Grazie for italian fare. I've never been but it always seems to have a buzz. My friends have enjoyed it there too.

                1. re: pancake

                  I've been to Grazie once or twice,
                  It's alwasy packed so only go if you're prepared to move at a leisurely pace. Food is good, but nothing special and the service is friendly enough. If you want a show stopping Italian meal in a similar neighbourhood and price range though I highly recommed Camerini on Eglington and Mount Pleasant. It's a tiny, family run place (John the waiter is the son of Dominic, the chef) and you'll have the time of your life. Don't pass up on the Veal specials, or a bottle of the importedPrimativo.

                  1. re: pancake

                    Hate to point this out, but the poster's original message did state, "Springrolls and Grazie have been disappointing"... so I can only assume that they don't want to go there :)

                    1. re: tuile

                      lol. thanks tulie, i totally missed that!