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Kosher Mango Salsa in Manhattan

I'm trying to find mango salsa under hashgacha at a market in Manhattan. I believe that Cosco may carry it outside the city but I'm looking for where I can pick it up in Manhattan. Any ideas?

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  1. Santa Barbara Salsa company < www.sbsalsa.com > has a delicious mango-and-peach salso that's available at Fairway market < www.fairwaymarket.com > in Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Plainview (Long Island). It's also available at large Stop and Shop supermarkets throughout the northeast. Trader Joe's < www.traderjoes.com > also has some flavors of kosher-certified salsas, including a chipotle variety. Fairway has assortment of other kosher-certified salsas and condiments... if you haven't been to one of the four Fairway markets, be sure to check it out... Check out Trader Joe's too, if you haven't been to one.


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      Santa Barbara is in the dairy case at most major supermarkets.

    2. Someone once told me about pineapple salsa, and when I couldn't find any with a hechsher, I bought the brand of salsa I already liked, and added either pineapple tidbits or crushed pineapple to it. Worked for me; perhaps you could do the same with a mango if you can't find any with hashgacha anywhere.

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        Shop and Shop makes a pineapple chipotle salsa under its Simply Enjoy label (OU).

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          Thanks, I have now seen (and purchased) this salsa, but my "story" dates back at least four years. Truthfully, I still like the one I make better than the Stop & Shop one, and I now routinely add pineapple whenever I bring home a new jar of salsa!

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            Do you add the pineapple to the mango salsa, or to regular salsa.
            Also do you use canned or fresh pineapple. If you use canned, do you use chunks, or crushed; in its own juice or in heavy syrup?

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              Personally, I would not add heavy syrup to the Santa Barbara mango salsa - I find the salsa to be way too sweet as it is.

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                I haven't ever seen mango salsa; I add it to the regular. And in response to "Kosher Critic," I don't add the syrup at all. Actually, I never buy pineapple with "syrup;" I only buy the stuff "in its own juice," but even with that, I drain it and just add the fruit itself. I usually do crushed pineaple, but if you like bigger chunks you can do what they call tidbits.

        2. I get the Santa Barbara Mango Salsa at my local Shoprite or King Kullen, as well as Cosco. Don't know if these chains have stores in Manhattan, though.

          1. what do u use this kind of salsa for? it doesnt sound like "chips and salsa"-use...

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              If you mean the Mango Salsa, it's delicious with the chips. It's regular tomato salsa with pieces of mango added.

            2. Whole Foods sells peach mango salsa that is ou.

              1. hi stevorino....if you're anywhere near fairway on the upper west side, you should look for santa barbara mango salsa upstairs across from the non-refrigerated soy milk boxes,

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                  I actually found the fresh Santa Barbara peach mango salsa at Food Emporium. I had been looking for it because a friend told me that a great way to prepare frozen gefilte fish loaf was to pour the mango salsa over the frozen fish loaf and bake it for two hours. However, when I did it it came out a bit rubbery. Any suggestions?

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                    When I make gefilte fish, I defrost the loaf, put half the defrosted loaf in a loaf pan, add half a can of carrots, then the other half of the loaf, then the other half of the can of carrots. Then I bake it for an hour and a half. Maybe you could do the same, substituting your mango salsa for the carrots?

                2. I think Kosher Marketplace makes their own.

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                    Makes their own salsa or their own gefilte fish loaf and is that with or without a salsa flavoring?

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                      who knew so many people would have suggestions to help someone make a gefilte fish loaf with peach mango salsa? i once prepared a gefilte fish loaf using a chassidic recipe calling for 40 cloves of garlic. it was outrageous! now that's gefilte fish!

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                        As adventurous as I am, I have to draw the line at putting mango salsa on gefilte fish. As an accompaniment to grilled tilapia, it would be wonderful, but with gefilte fish, especially the frozen stuff -- nah. I have added diced mango to tuna salad on occasion -- very nice, but the other ingredients in salsa just seem to be heavyhanded for gefilte fish.

                        If you want to gussy up gefilte fish, take a tip from Susie Fishbein. Her Pesach cookbook has a great recipe where she layers plain and salmon fish in a springform pan so you end up with a fish "torte". Beautiful and a nice blend of sweet/savory flavors.

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                        They make their own salsa. Maybe they make their own fish also.

                    2. Whole Foods has a Kosher mango salsa. Many of their other store brand salsas are Kosher too. I've tried tequila lime and raspberry chipotle and they were both good.