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Jul 9, 2008 06:51 AM

Pistachio Cake from Arabesque?

Has anyone made this before?

Having a dinner party Sat night - leg of lamb, spanakopita, greek salad for dinner, vegetarian dolmas as an appetizer.

Was planning to make a karthopita for dessert but my husband spied this recipe in the Arabesque cookbook and being a pistachio fiend asked me to make it instead.

Not having made it before just wondering if it's as delicious as it sounds before I offer it to guests...

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  1. Have only read the recipe but I'll say this much. If it's Moroccan it's gonna be scrumptious.

    1. Looks like one person did when it was COTM. She has some hints (I only skimmed it so I hope it helps.

      1. I have and really enjoyed it. I can't recall the syrup I used, as I used an online copy of the recipe. I love nut cakes, and it is a typical nut cake. Super easy and all my family liked it.

        1. Be sure to report back if you do! I have a bag of local AZ pistachios (Fistiki Farms), and this would be a great way to use them.

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            I picked up the pistachios today(Sprouts not Fistiki...but I"ve had theirs at the Olive Mill) so I'm going to go ahead and try it. HOpe it turns out well since it's for guests and I don't have time to make one first as a "give it a try" cake.

            I'll definitely let you know what everyone thinks. I love walnut cakes even though I don't love walnuts since I really love pistachios in any form I'm hoping to love it...

            1. re: Rubee

              Well Rubee, I actually found myself with free time on my hands tonight I didn't expect to have so I went ahead and made one of these cakes.

              We both thought it was very good. Easy to make(do follow the advice in the link beetlebug posted above to fold the egg whites in gradually...this is not called out in the recipe but is important and if you haven't made one before you'll want to know to do that).

              We loved the rosewater syrup with it...but wiht rosewater being one of those love it or hate it flavors I think an orange blossom syrup would be nice too if that's someone's preference. Both complement pistachio well, though I did like the combination of the lemon and rosewater with the nuts.

              I'd also cut back on the syrup a bit but again that's personal preference.

              This is one of those cakes where a little goes a long ways. Rich from the nuts and sweet from the syrup. I'm trying to decide if I'm going to make one for our dinner party. I promised my friends a typical greek dinner and this, while Turkish, is very representative of a typical greek dessert in many ways(especially the rich and sweet part)...but given the menu being heavier with the lamb and the spanokopita I'm leaning toward fruit instead. If I were doing a fish or seafood dinner I'd serve this in a heartbeat though. At the same time though I think my guests might not have ever had something of like this (they tell me they've never really had Greek food) so I may go ahead and make one and serve fruit as well.

              My husband is taking what we didn't eat(most of it!) to work tomorrow so I'm curious to say what they all think of it.

              In any case, if it sounds like something that might appeal to you do try it. It is very good.,

              1. re: ziggylu

                Thanks so much for the detailed report, it's going to be so helpful. My husband isn't a huge fan of rosewater, so I'll try it with orange blossom as you recommend, and definitely will use your tips. It sounds like it's the type of cake that will be even better tomorrow.

                I'm interested in what your guests think of their first Greek dinner - I was recently talking to my husband's family and they mentioned they'd only had Greek food once and didn't like it (it was at My Big Fat Greek Restaurant). They come over every weekend so I'm always trying to make them something new. I love cooking Greek, but mainly meze, so am thinking of a nice dinner for them sometime soon. They're kind of picky though - one doesn't like lamb, one doesn't eat tomatoes or eggplant, my husband doesn't like grape leaves, etc. I found a delicious-sounding recipe for gyros recently in one of the CIA books (beef and lamb and seasonings processed into a paste, baked or put onto a rotisserie, thinly sliced, and crisped on a griddle). I'm hoping the lamb-hater might be converted. If you have any recs for sure-fire hits, I'd welcome them!

                They've been enjoying Spanish for the past month or so, so this weekend will be my first attempt at paella (fingers crossed).

                1. re: Rubee

                  This was even better today. The rosewater flavor mellowed and melded with everything else in a wonderful way. This is a really nice cake, definitely a keeper.

                  Husband took the remains to work and they devoured it with coffee this morning. I received a few emails saying how delicious it was.

                  Two of my guests are actually self professed lamb haters. They want to try it "greek style" though to see if they really don't like lamb or have have just never had a preparation they like. I told them if they didn't like my lamb, that in fact, they won't like anyone's!

                  Good luck with your paella. I keep saying I"m going to tackle making one at home. Maybe this month...

                  1. re: ziggylu

                    Oh, what descriptions -
                    "wonderful", "keeper", "devoured", "delicious". I'm sold! I was all set to make it tonight, and then realized my pistachios have a little sticker in the corner that says...oops...jalapeno! Wouldn't my guests be surprised! I'll make it soon though.