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Jul 9, 2008 06:16 AM

Prune, Pastis or Balthazar

Brunch for ten. Which would my fellow chowhounders reccomend?

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  1. None of the above...Well, I would say Prune, but they are so small, I don't think they can accommodate that large of a party.

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        I would skip all of the above. You could give R & L ( was Florent) a try around the corner from Pastis and give us all a review.

    1. Prune cannot take parties larger than 6. The waits are long even for a two or four top, as they don't take reservations.

      Balthazar and Pastis take reservations. Of those, I think Pastis would be easier to reserve as it is much larger and also has a large communal table.

      Large party brunches + great food is difficult but doable if you plan ahead.

      Try this thread for suggestions but note that the Tasting Room location in Nolita has closed:

      1. Of these I'd say pastis, but would really recommend Artisanal. Same vibe as Pastis & Balthazar with better brunch food, and less pretention. I think Prune would be a tight fit.