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Sunday night bachelorette dinner in Portsmouth, NH

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Looking for fun and good food in Portsmouth for 6-10 women (not the crazy younger bachelorette type of evening) on a Sunday night. Will have been to Wentworth for spa treatment in the afternoon and want a great meal with good atmosphere.
Went to Pesce Blue two summers ago and enjoyed it.
Thanks for suggestions.

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  1. If you want something really special, I would suggest The Dunaway restaurant at Strawberry Banke. Hands down the best restaurant in Portsmouth. I'm a native of the area but moved to NYC long ago. I always request this restaurant as our 'first dinner out' when my husband and I are in Portsmouth visiting my folks. Before or after dinner, have cocktails at The Red Door down the street. Good luck!

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      They've got a table reserved in the wine bar at the Black Trumpet.