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Jul 8, 2008 10:54 PM

SUSHI MOMO, Fullerton (review)

So we went tonight; we thought about waiting for the restaurant to work out their just-opened-kinks, but we couldn't...we missed Suzuki-san & Sushi Momo.

They take no reservations, so we walked up and were informed that we had an hour wait for the counter. The restaurant was packed with a dozen folks waiting. We waited 45 minutes and we were seated in front of an older itamae, who stood next to Suzuki. This itamae was a bit surly; he spoke fluent English and whenever someone ordered a special (non-traditional) roll, he would mumble "no thank you", "we have plenty fresh fish here" or "special roll take long time" . The non-traditional, special rolls are a specialty and fun creations of Suzuki-san. Many of the others who sat at the counter knew Suzuki-san from his previous location and ordered almost exclusively those special rolls to the chagrin of the other itamae.

Surly as he was, it added comedic relief after the wait to be seated. Anyway, we ordered half a dozen sushi and the neta (fish piece) was still grand; a nice thick, large cut of fish. The rice was the way I prefer it: a small tight roll. The neta & rice made for the perfect sushi. Everything was fresh and had a nice, slight crunch. We had a couple beers and the tab came to $40 (including tax).

So essentially, it's still the same Sushi Momo; the nice fish/rice combo, great prices, but in new, shiny digs and a handful of new staff.

Sushi Momo
208 N Harbor Blvd
Fullerton, CA 92832

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  1. Great to hear Sushi Momo has finally opened!
    Unfortunately my brother and I stopped by for lunch on Monday, only to find that they were supposed to have opened for lunch, but had such a busy weekend that nothing was left for lunch on Monday.....guess that's good news.

    Looking forward to my next visit!

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    1. re: Grubber

      But...then...that means they're serving left over sushi on Monday...and they're closed on Sunday. So I hope that's not the case. Let's hope they're getting their fish delivery glitches worked out.

      1. re: Grubber

        Suzuki said that he wanted to wait a month or so before opening for lunch to get the kinks worked out of the new place.

        We went opening night and it was a complete disaster (sitting at a table,which we know from the old place was a no-no, but didn't have a choice). 2 hour wait for the food and then another 30 minutes for a check.

        Last night at the bar was much better (still had to wait a long time for a check though). We sat in front of the "new" older itamae and he did a pretty good job (though the guy next to me received several "old standards" that were made differently than we both remembered them.