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Jul 8, 2008 10:48 PM

lobster appetizer

I have some frozen lobster I'd like to use to make an hor d oeuvres for a small dinner party on Sat night. I've done the lobster salad in pepper cups or cucumber shells but its always a bit messy. I'm even trying to think of a cold soup recipe topped with the lobster or possibly a dip served with crostini. It's too hot in No California now for a hot appetiser, I think. Any ideas?

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  1. an insanely labor intensive app I've intended to make for a long time now is lobster or crab salad in hollowed CHERRY tomatoes reassembled and skewered/held together with a tooth pick.

    a dainty old lady country club bridge party classic shrunk to ridiculously small proportions.

    labor intensive as to serve 4 people you'd have to clean about 32+ of the little suckers.

    1. Why not toss the lobster meat with some lime juice, maybe some finely chopped jalapeno and cilantro, and serve on squares of baked wontons? That would highlight the lobster nicely but be appropriately seasonal.

      1. you could make a simple lobster salad (lemon, mayo, maybe celery, s&p), buy some small croissants, cut them in half and stuff them. easy and tasty.

        1. Make goi cuon, the fresh Vietnamese rolls, using lobster instead of shrimp, with the cilantro, lettuce, bean sprouts and rice vermicelli noodles...