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Apr 2, 2003 07:56 PM

Les Deux Cafe Update?

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I had heard that the owner of Les Deux Cafe went back to France. I'd never liked the food there much, but I thought the space was great. Does anyone know what the current status of the restaurant is (e.g., is the menu/chef/anything else about the place changing, who is running it now, etc.) Les Deux is on my recommended list of places to go for the cool LA experience, but I hate to recommend it if it's changed.

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  1. where's dr. winkie? does anyone know?

    1. Les Deux is owned by The Dolce group now, Michele L'amy (sp?) has not owned it for at least a couple yrs now. And I have not tried it yet, it sounds like more of a bar with small plates than an actual dining experience (think: models who can't finish 1 spring roll = target audience)

      1. It's pretty much a bar/club. No one eats. But they do have a cupcake tower.

        1. According to a Citysearch email I just got, they are re-opening with a dessert-only menu. Something for me to check out & blog about this weekend ;)