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Jul 8, 2008 10:27 PM

DESSERT Cookbook of the Months (July/August) RUNOFF

Here are the runoff selections. Please vote for only one, IN CAPS, and try to keep the comments to a minimum so that I can easily pick out each voter’s choice. If you need to make a comment, please put your vote in CAPS separated by a few spaces.

I am including the only 2 choices that got more than 2 votes in the runoff.

I am also combining the Perfect Scoop without the Lebovitz website with the P.S. WITH the website, since I don’t think those 2 voters would decide against the book just because the website was included. If they do, they may vote for the other choice.

I’ll leave the voting thread up until I get back from the mountains on Sunday night. I won’t be able to access this site or answer questions until I get back. I’m leaving Thursday morning, if our wildfires don’t burn up the whole state by then.

Anybody who needs to get started sooner, can probably figure out which book got the most votes and act accordingly.


THE SWEET SPOT, P. Ong (4 votes)

THE PERFECT SCOOP and D, LEBOVITZ’ website (8 votes)

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    1. THE PERFECT SCOOP and D, LEBOVITZ’ website

        1. THE PERFECT SCOOP and D, LEBOVITZ’ website

          1. I'd be happy w/ either, but I'll lean towards THE PERFECT SCOOP + WEBSITE.

            Thanks again, oakjoan! I'll try to participate more this next round!